5 Simple Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Home Security

Home Security

Home security is an essential aspect of housekeeping. So, you should be well aware of all the ways you can make your home more secure and safe from burglars. Thousands of houses are robbed every day in the United States, and this number is increasing day by day. 

So, the question arises how you can make your home security fool-proof? Below are 5 tips and tricks to improve your home security and prevent burglars from entering your home. 

1. Inspect your doors

Check the locks on all doors in your home. Ensure they are in good condition and lock them securely when you leave the house. If your door is not barricaded, install the lock as soon as possible. 

If there is a window on your door, install an alarm sensor so that it will go off if the window is broken or opened from the outside. The front door is the main entrance for burglars. So, make sure that it is secure. 

The back door can also be an access point for burglars. You can consider installing a reinforcement plate and barricading it properly. 

2. Install a Security System

Home security systems are the most effective way you can protect your home. A good security system will usually scare the burglars off before they even try breaking in. So, if you’re serious about keeping your home safe, a security system should be at the top of your list. 

There are many different types out there that offer different levels of protection, so choose carefully and find the one that fits your needs best

3. Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most important aspects of home security. It’s highly recommended to invest in motion-detecting flood lights that will turn on when people or animals approach. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and can be used for other purposes in the yard. 

However, be sure to change the batteries every 2 to 5 years. The same applies to any inside lights you may have. Motion detectors are a great investment if you’re interested in lessening your energy usage by only turning them on as needed. 

4. Test your Windows

The most obvious way to improve home security in your windows is by installing a simple security bar. This way, if someone were to break the window, it would be harder for them to get inside. 

Second, you could install a metal grate on the outside of the window. You can also install curtains on the inside that are thick enough not to let someone see through but thin enough so you can have some natural light coming into your house. 

5. Advance Wiring

Use a central alarm system with a landline connection. Most burglars will cut the phone line during an intrusion, but the home security company will still be able to contact you on your landline even if they can’t reach your cell phone. 

This way, advanced wiring will help you even when you have lost your main network wiring.


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