7 Tips For Improving Your Remote Meetings


The challenges discussed above do not provide an exhaustive list. However, they show that the manager of remote employees needs to be clear about the challenges they may meet. They also show that when employees move to remote work, it cannot just be business as usual.

Spreadsheet Wars is a tiny virtual hackathon, where participants can show off their skills in Google Sheets and similar programs. One person starts as the host, and reads off a single prompt. The other players then anonymously submit answers to the host, which you can do via private message. The host reads the answers out loud, and then you go in a circle giving each person a chance to guess who said what.

Another benefit to recording meetings is that you can reference them later , and you can also see how you can improve as the organizer. Recording a video creates a feedback loop to help you improve the next time you hold a meeting. For example, let’s say an engineer likes to wake up early in the morning and get started working right away.

One way to make virtual calls fun is to assign roles during meetings. If someone has a specific job to do, like cheerleader or shade thrower, then they will be more engaged. The activity makes for both an interesting look into the personal lives of your coworkers and is also a fun way to get to know your entire virtual team better.

Depending on the culture at your place of work, you might need to set some rules about video and what people should wear. Given the current state of the world, many meetings will begin with everyone touching base about what’s going on. But be aware of the fatigue that can create in certain geographies. Different kinds of meetings are affected in different ways by remote work. Make meetings 50 minutes long instead of an hour, or 20 minutes rather than a half an hour.

How Remote

This is a fun conversation starter, as well as a time zone indication for team members. You can nurture psychological safety by encouraging moderate risk-taking and curiosity, being open-minded and compassionate, and embracing https://globalcloudteam.com/ healthy conflict. In practice, that might look like actively asking for and listening to new ideas during your one-on-one meeting, admitting to your own mistakes, or responding positively to your team’s questions.

Simple tips to run an effective stand-up meeting with a remote team. If participation from your team is lacking, try to understand why. All without having to be in the same location or time zone. On the other hand, the defined start and end times of a scheduled meeting help provide needed structure and a sense of priority for people working from their home offices.

How do I run a team meeting remotely

Your team should know where to expect a meeting so they can prepare in advance and show up on time. Think back how many times you’ve fiddled with your smartphone or doodled during daily standups. The ability to keep people engaged throughout a meeting is a skill that’s in short demand these days. Nobody can predict How to run a successful remote meeting how long the coronavirus travel advisories or lockdowns may last worldwide. It is important to prepare a business for the long term by adopting technologies, reporting tools, and remote work policies. A business must leverage digital communication tools and update its management strategies if it hasn’t already.

Train And Connect Remote Employees

For example, snack packs, tech gadgets, cute socks and other items. For remote teams, even if you are oceans apart, day after day, you can still garner some of these social benefits. Icebreakers are easy to include in virtual meetings and virtual happy hours. And since the Slack extension is automatic, this is a really lightweight way to incorporate team building into your remote company. With remote teams especially, it’s a good idea to provide your team with regular updates about the impact their work is having.

How do I run a team meeting remotely

A meeting agenda outlines exactly what the meeting will cover and often allots a specific amount of time for each topic or meeting point. Plus, it allows meeting attendees to prepare for the meeting so they feel comfortable and ready to participate. Consider where your team members are located before picking a meeting time. When meeting attendees are distributed across multiple time zones, check to see if there’s a time when their work schedules overlap. Team meetings are beneficial to keep everyone aligned no matter where they’re located. In a remote meeting, some employees are more comfortable speaking and you don’t want to allow anyone to dominate.

Use These Tips To Improve Your Remote Meetings

You can go around the virtual meeting room asking everyone how their week has been, or by talking about a current event that everyone’s affected by. You can also use a combination of these tools to fulfill the purpose of your meeting. For example, you can use Slack to talk to one another and Creately to explain and record your strategy. Either share your screen with the rest of the team so everyone can see what you are working on or create your Creately document from your Slack channel to give everyone quick access to it. Listed below are some practices that will help you run a highly effective remote meeting from the comfort of your own home. The fact of the matter is that technology isn’t always 100% reliable, and you may run into issues or find that some remote workers didn’t catch everything that was said during the meeting.

If you only ask questions to the entire group, you’ll likely get the same people responding. Ask questions to individuals to make sure everyone gets more equity in speaking time. Your agenda of questions should help to keep the focus of the meeting. If you sense the topic is veering off course, reset and suggest a separate meeting if required. In pre-digital times, meetings were one of the only options for sharing information and collaborating.

Team leads are responsible for showing newbies around, or in our case, virtually introducing them to their colleagues on messaging tool Slack. If anything is unclear, they can hop over to our #new_hires channel where seasoned members are supporting remote workers that just started working full-time at The Remote Company. As a company, we’re training remote employees in various ways. We document all company-related information on Notion, so people can learn about our company. New employees receive this link in their welcome email during the onboarding process. If you’ve read our remote article on creating an inclusive team, you’ll know that we hire people based on their values.

How do I run a team meeting remotely

Objectives Stay on top of your team’s goals by clearly recording, defining, and tracking the progress of your OKRs in Fellow’s Objectives tool. Guest UsersKeep meeting notes in one place by bringing everyone you work with – vendors, clients, agencies – into Fellow. A single, connected workspace to collaborate, brainstorm, plan, document, manage tasks, and connect to data visually. You can use color-coding to identify the ideas added by different attendees.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Teams In 2022

The session lasts 45 minutes, and includes warming up the crowd and bantering with them, followed by a 15 minute stand-up set. You’ll meet a renowned graffiti artist who will share his backstory in the ‘graf’ scene, and lead a workshop showing everyone how to create their own tags. Led by a virtual tour guide from Wild SF, your energetic, quirky host will get everyone laughing, connecting and working together through fun challenges. Hybrid work schedules exist on a spectrum, with some being “office-centric” and others “remote-first.” But which is right for your team? Read through companies’ hybrid work schedule examples to find some inspiration. Become a Trello boss with these easy-to-follow tips and templates.

  • I am aware I have the right to revoke this consent at any time.
  • Start with the most important agenda point first and allow for some Q&A time at the end.
  • A meeting that checks at least one of these five boxes shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
  • A collaborative problem solving session replaces the standard “report-outs” that can weigh meetings down.
  • You can give your remote team members a boost of nostalgic dopamine by sending fun packages in the mail.
  • But how do you make that work when your team has different work styles and personalities?

We’re all likely familiar with that awkward silence that occurs when everyone is expecting someone else to jump in. To solve for this, encourage teams to “Pass the Microphone” to each other after their own answer. But, with remote working on the rise, conference calls are no longer the only option. Watch keynotes, fan-favorite sessions, and in-depth product demos from our annual user conference, Team ’22.

Keeping Remote Team Members Engaged During Online Meetings

So, it’s important that managers not only have the right tech stack in place, but also the right mindset when it comes to how they manage their teams and meetings. A great place to start is by conducting meetings with a remote-first approach. Having a remote meeting with more than around five participants is difficult because of distractions and sound quality . It’s a good idea to encourage frequent meetings with fewer participants. Not only does it improve meeting quality for everyone, but meeting with two or three people is much more engaging for your employees — and creates a better culture in your organization overall.

A word to describe how you’re feeling and a number to gauge your energy levels out of 10. This opens conversations and encourages people to get involved. When employees are co-located, it’s easier for the manager to see that an employee is overloaded.

Then, you’ll enjoy a live online drag show performance by Mary Vice, with the chance to ask her questions about life as a drag queen. Your team will collaborate on drawing a flag to fly on our ship, you’ll run around on a home scavenger hunt, you’ll design a route for our ship, and you’ll learn so much more about your team. Reviewing your team health is also vital, because teamwork can get fragile when work piles up and people forget that there are other humans on the other side of the screen. Run a bi-annual or quarterly Team Health Monitor to assess how everyone is feeling about team issues and processes. Multitasking was once thought of as a way to get many things done at once, but it’s now understood as a way to do many things poorly. As science shows us, despite the brain’s remarkable complexity and power, there’s a bottleneck in information processing when it tries to perform two distinct tasks at once.

Set Clear Expectations For Remote Workers

On that note, don’t forget to account for time zones when scheduling meetings. Screenshare it.Sharing your computer screen in real time allows your employees to effectively “look over your shoulder” as you are talking. Your employees will be able to see your screen as you see it. You can also change the presenter, so you’ll be able to see the employee’s computer. Screenshare technology is the closest you can get to a physical meeting, and in many cases is actually more productive.

How To Onboard Your Sales Team With A 30

As an example, you can set the meeting duration to 45 minutes and assign 15 minutes to each of the agenda points. This helps participants to stay focused and reduces the likelihood that the meeting will go off track. One of the significant benefits of remote work is that it allows your employees to work anywhere in the world, as long as they have the required tools. As a manager, this provides you with an opportunity to connect your employees’ goals with those of the company. For instance, an employee who has always wanted to visit New York could be given a chance to work on a New York project when it arises. As a remote team manager, you’ll need to come up with ways of ensuring that none of your team members suffers from social isolation.

The time to correct those things are before the meeting, one on one. Putting off problems allows them to accelerate, which is counterproductive to business success. If you can see each other, you know whether or not your coworker is engaged in the meeting. If you do use visual contact, ask participants to sit in an area of their home that is serene and not visually distracting. Working at home generally makes for a more relaxed workday, but some people take moderation too far.

You’ll learn how to improve the efficacy of your meetings and boost employee morale simultaneously. These meetings empower your team to share updates, brainstorm on new ideas, and define clear priorities. The benefits of team meetings are vast – as long as they are held properly. For remote teams, a meeting can also be a time for relationship building. Instead of diving right into discussing official matters, take some time at the beginning of the meeting to break the ice. This will also help keep the participants engaged in the hours ahead.

Seek feedback and provide via all communication channels. Address attendees by name when verbally interacting with participants, and provide opportunities for all attendees to contribute. Once you’ve established teams, instruct team leads to clearly define the team’s mission and purpose so that all team members are on the same page. Our research has found that means you should aim for 5-9 members. Ensure that successes are visible and celebrated to help build team commitment and keep up morale.

Virtual Dance Party

Take it for a spin by yourself, or add a few other people to see if it works for your team. If something is blocking progress on your team, you need to know. Team members should share anything that is in their way, as unresolved blockers can be extremely harmful to your team velocity and overall project or product success.


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