A Guide to Room Addition and the Benefits It Brings for Your Santa Clara Home


    Know everything about making an addition to the room and also get inputs on the positives of getting the job done.

    The room additions are happening at a brisk pace across homes in Santa Clara and rightly so. Your city and California State, in general, are suffering from a crisis in living space. Your home was constructed a long time back and the layout was according to the needs of that era. It is with an additional headcount of family members; you could be feeling cramped in the main building. You would love to stretch out a bit and a room addition allows you to do just that. This is much better than buying a new home and relocating elsewhere. This is a job, which can increase the resale value of your home and we will discuss this bit in detail. An addition to the room is a great way to customize the living arena. Here is a guide on everything you would desire to know about a room addition. 

    Understand the home value enhancement of a room addition

    A room addition is a capital-intensive project and you will have to incur some financial resources for the job. Hence, let us discuss how you can recoup some of the investment back. Here are the details for readers. 

    · There is an instant increase in the resale value of the home. It s because you have now more square footage to offer to the buyer. At this moment the gain is only notional, but if you have to dispose of the home, one can now expect a significantly higher price. 

    · If you go for slightly bigger additions such as having a second story, there is always the scope to derive lucrative rentals from this addition. You need to incorporate some luxury into the space and offer the tenant direct access to the street. This should help you to demand premium rentals for the space. 

    These are the two ways how you can recoup the investment back. However, there is a need to add rooms a bit more carefully and not take random decisions. A second story addition is a great idea but it is a bit capital-intensive and you may be lacking finances. Some of the other effective room additions are adding a bathroom, a home office, or in general a family room. These will surely enhance the value of the home. 

    What are the factors determining resource spending

    There is financial spending to incur for room additions and you would be eager to know the details. The financial spend will vary and it depends upon the precise nature of the work that you intend to do. There will be a need to take into consideration demolition work, building and room furnishings. Is there a need to pour or reinforce the foundation? These are the areas where the financial spending may vary and you must discuss with the contractor. 

    The types of room addition

    You would perhaps also want to know the types of room additions that are possible at your abode and there is scope to do a lot of work. Here are the details for readers. 

    1. A standard room addition is very much possible and it is easy. It looks like a structure that sticks out. 

    2. A two-story addition is another theme and it is popular because of the rental income opportunities that it throws up. 

    3. One can try out additions in unique shapes such as polygon and octagon-shaped sunrooms and they are popular. 


    Here we have discussed extensively room additions and one can call over Done Right Home Remodeling in Santa Clara to do the work.  There is a need for professional execution of the ideas and that is the reason for us to insist that you avail of their services. They will do the necessary additions to the living space in a flawless manner. 


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