A mission to health and happiness!


It’s no secret that many of us feel some form of jealousy when you advertise leather strips with Spartan-style six-pack screens as half-naked in the latest designer pants. I don’t know why I can’t have a He-Man style physique that requires me to have a new hole punched in my belt every 6 months to combat the once flaky and half-baked stomach I once had. Just get rid of my cheesecake (believe it or not, mascarpone is cheesy and delicious!).

Modern society is very aesthetically conscious

 it’s no secret. Anyone who  disagrees with his own word. Well, a few make their way, like Susan Boyle (please never show her in 3D), but there are few.

So the question is do I wait for society to accept me or do I conform to this beautiful structure we call life. Is there a state of happiness where I can happily lay the foundation? There are no answers, but there is a solution. Happiness comes from within and I believe 스포츠토토 사이트 leads to happiness.

Okay, so now I’m over 200 words and I’ve realized in my mind that health equals happiness. Am I in good health? The answer is probably no. If I am healthy, why should I question my Something is wrong and if left untreated it will continue to feed on me, think Heather from East enders at the wedding table, she doesn’t let up.

Well, let’s step aside and go for some health, I’m not talking about some half-baked experiment that falls apart at the very beginning when a pack of cigarettes sticks to a nice street. It’s real, no holds barred, god as my witness, I’ll get healthy (which means lose weight) and probably be in the next 300 movies!

Now I have to decide on strategy

 What exercise can I do? Are there any foods that will help me when I travel? Do I need to drink more water, preferably without regular whiskey? There is no real answer; it all depends on how your own body works. I can be educated on my options and maybe swap the creamy egg for banana or cut the alcohol for ice cold H2O. The truth is, everything is fine in moderation, as long as you listen to your body and accept that drinking too much will hinder your progress.

Well, let’s start with the workout. I need to find something else, preferably away from the glaring eyes. They read the local gym. I almost said I was on a hobby that could stimulate almost every muscle in my body! I’m not the kind of guy to plan what muscle I’m going to hit in the gym; I needed something that would cover everything nicely but with minimal fuss. I am sure I will see it; it just depends on how far I’m willing to go.

I am on the yellow brick road and Smaragdlinn is not far away! For this exercise, I imagine that the yellow brick road is a treadmill and the emerald city is shaped like a bicep. Sorry, but Yellow Brick

 Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Scarecrow won’t be joining me because they’re either too old or dead. For one thing, must have had his last bone years ago!

Very well, all hands on deck, I need fun, discipline, skill, something that will shave leather in a tough but fun way.

I firmly believe in using your own body weight to build endurance and strength. The press up is an old favorite that’s probably still the most effective exercise because it’s accessible and challenging, but is it fun? I won’t honor an answer, but if someone answers “yes” to this question, I suggest you never admit it in public, someone might think it might bore you.

So I use journalism quite a bit

 because it’s vague and because it’s not a totally physical exercise, I have absolutely no theory behind me, but I feel insightful enough to understand the logic. Remember the key to a successful workout is to enjoy it, speaking from years of experience I don’t enjoy a workout that raises my blood pressure any more than Lindsey Loan at an opium factory.

So what else is there? Well, this may need some explanation due to the homophobic and judgmental society we live in, but I’ll spare your mind and show how I’ve let go of the hands of love. Calling it a workout wouldn’t do it justice because it’s like a web of exercises all mixed together using some machine believe it or not could actually take a heavy load off my body weight. One word of advice before I go on, if you are ever called romantic or romantic, be smart and realize that you are called fat but will like it if you are thinner. A lion will call a pet or a large pig affectionately. He wasn’t a man. Men want to be called sexy, fit or


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