Answers To How Does Metabolism Work


Metabolism has been given a bad name of late. Thousands of individuals and probably you as well believe that metabolism is responsible for weight gain. Well, this is a misconception that needs to be debunked at the earliest. The best solution would be to check the facts and understand How Does Metabolism Work. You would eventually become aware of how you may regulate your weight and ensure a speedy metabolism. First, you must be able to find out the basal metabolic rate (BMR) that will help you to learn how many calories your body burns when you are at rest. 

The things that you must know to make an informed decision related to your health & metabolism must include the following:-

How Does Metabolism Work?

Metabolism can be described as a series of biochemical reactions that take place in your body 24X7. This supports all sustaining life functions such as breathing, circulation, muscle repair, and hormonal balance. The food that you consume is broken down into its basic nutrients and converted to calories that get mixed with oxygen to produce energy. Metabolism can be further differentiated into two categories that take place at the same time. Anabolism refers to combining the smaller units to form large molecules and facilitate the storage of energy. Catabolism, on the other hand, refers to the breakdown of big molecules releasing energy that fuels the body to continue with its functions. 

Factors That Affect Metabolism

It is most important to understand that the BMR differs from individual to individual. However, you may try to alter your BMR by modifying certain factors such as:-

  • Diet
  • Physical Activities
  • Sleeping Habit
  • Body Composition (Muscle to Fat Ratio)
  • Medications
  • Stress & Anxiety

However, there are several other factors controlling your metabolism that cannot be altered. These include:-

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Gender

Is it Possible to Speed up Metabolism?

Well, the answer has to be yes and no. While you may change your lifestyle and behavioral patterns to alter the speed of metabolism up to a degree, the results may not be as anticipated. Sure, you may try to modify certain factors to speed up your metabolism thus losing weight. However, experts recommend a slower metabolism to be beneficial as you may be able to survive hard times when your metabolism is relatively slower. 

Behavioral Changes That Boost Metabolism

You may consider your body to be a machine that requires regular maintenance to ensure the best performance. Be sure to make the following changes that will not only increase your BMR but will help improve your general health as well…

  • Food– Be cautious about what you consume. It is advisable to eat whole grains and unprocessed foods. It is important to try portion control as well.
  • Activity– It is best to remain active throughout the day. While cardiovascular and strength training works wonders you may try walking or cycling if you do not want to indulge in strenuous workouts. 

Visit a physician regularly to understand your health issues. Knowing How Does Metabolism Work can help you to remain in control regardless of hormonal problems or obesity.