Using Copper in the Kitchen – Try These Fun Methods in 2016


    There are several ways to bring brass into the kitchen this year, and a great trend to start is metal surfaces. From copper hoods to faucets, tables and more, discover the best ways to update or make your kitchen unique.

    A brass hood in the kitchen

    Add heat to the kitchen with a brass range hood. They come in different shapes, styles and sizes and can be mounted on the wall, under cabinets and on the island. Instead of being just a functional element, the copper range hood became the focal point of kitchens in 2016.

    They can be customized to fit perfectly in the kitchen or they are ready to assemble and are easy to assemble by any professional or homemaker. Use unique styles and have fun with this brass accessory.

    Copper surfaces

    Choosing Vase let will definitely set your kitchen apart from everything else. This soft and beautiful metal ages hard and gains a lot of character over time. Some want to smooth them out, while others want to age. Copper is cheaper than other options, and as a bonus, it kills bacteria better than most materials; It is also easy to clean.

    Brass vessels

    Brass kitchen furniture is the perfect way to add metallic elements to your interior. They are amazing with copper tubs which are great because copper repels bacteria. A brass faucet, a soap dispenser and a box are just a few ideas.

    Often, when someone orders a copper vacuum cleaner, they can also order a matching sink from the same manufacturer.

    Copper battery

    Place in a brass faucet and hang it on an island or wall. This adds interest and makes the kitchen more professional. Copper is known to be the best conductor of metal next to silver, and since the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the pan, there is less chance of burning.

    Chefs around the world have used and wanted the classic and endless brass faucet for a long time, so presenting it in the kitchen is always a good decision.

    Copper lighting

    There is a huge variety of bronze lamps on the market today. Adding this amazing and unique element to your kitchen is always a smart move. The lamps can be hung on the island, table top or wall. There are many possibilities!

    Brass backrests

    Although the backsplash is a functional addition to the kitchen, it is also an artistic element. A brass backsplash can be a brass tile installed at the back of the backsplash behind hood vent , or it can be plastered with tiles that extend behind the tiles and all under the cabinets for a good look. There is no limit to the types of backsplash available through hardware stores and specialty suppliers.

    Be creative

    The good thing about using brass in different kitchen elements is that they don’t have to match perfectly and can easily be mixed with stainless steel to create a unique look that stands out. Decorators aren’t afraid to mix brass items with other metal surfaces, as they can easily be paired with soap trays, spoon rests, and other items that are likely to have the same finish.


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