Benefits of holistic massage


The massage reduces the discomfort mentioned above, making the person fall asleep and it is recoverable.

Improves mood

Reduces anxiety. The relaxing and psychological effect is no less important than the physiological results of this type of treatment; the advantages in the nervous system are very important. The feeling of relaxation and well-being that it gives us is always gratifying, raising self-esteem: its benefits go much further. It has an analgesic effect on painful sensations by anesthetizing the sensitive nerve endings. It removes the feeling of tiredness and increases resistance to work. The spirit recovers. It is also a good method to mitigate stress, insomnia or other mental illnesses.

Reforms and restores muscle tone. The skin becomes more elastic, as a result of the elimination of fatty substances by the rubbing of the hands. On the other hand, the absorption of substances is facilitated and there is a greater exchange of oxygen and nutrients, which facilitates cell regeneration.

Calms or reduces muscle pain

Improves rest when sleeping with restful and deep sleep

Strengthens the defenses

It favors circulation and lymphatic drainage, causing an increase in blood and lymphatic circulation, releasing toxic substances from the tissues.

Relieves constipation

The feeling of rest and well-being after receiving the 마사지 will make you feel very good. There are studies that indicate that receiving therapeutic massage sessions significantly reduce symptoms of depression.

Massages in themselves are experiences that tend to be comforting, offering the body a comprehensive practice that only brings benefits, relaxing both mind and body.

As you will see, they are very opportune benefits for all kinds of people,

 especially when we are at the expense of a large number of situations that often tire us and alter us physically and mentally.

Take some time to rest and enjoy the possibilities that the holistic space of Finca Chipitlán offers you. Get rid of all that weight from above, and this is literal. Stress can accumulate in different areas of the neck and shoulders, causing heaviness and intense pain that can affect productivity, humor and our social life. That is why experts recommend massage sessions and relaxing therapies that can help you release stress in the most pleasant way. 

Revitalizing deep relaxation anti-stress massage, releases points of tension and emotions, muscle aches, insomnia, depression; benefiting us in improving circulation and oxygenating internal organs.

It connects lethargic muscles, mobilizes energy, harmonizes the nervous system, relieves stress and improves the level of concentration.

Recommended for people who work under a lot of pressure and stress, satisfying the needs of each guest.

The tension and accumulated stress will melt away with every smooth movement. It is accompanied by elements such as music and essential oils to create an atmosphere of intense peace and relaxation. Feeling is living. The accumulation of stress, anxiety, loss of energy, etc., are problems that are reflected in our face, and in order to combat them from the root and enjoy a more rejuvenated appearance, with more energy and joy, we must resort to massages. facials such as shiatsu massage .


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