Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines in Different Price Segments and Features

Fully Automatic washing machine

A busy life can become ten times easier with a fully automatic washing machine. Fully automatic washing machines need minimal human intervention throughout the wash cycle. They also come with more sophisticated features than semi-automatic washers. 

Here are some of the best fully automatic washing machines that you can rely on.

Fully automatic washing machines under Rs. 20,000

Godrej 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Grey (WT EON 620 A Gp Gr)

Priced under Rs. 20,000, this fully automatic washing machine from Godrej delivers excellent performance with its powerful washes. It comes with 5 unique wash programs that can help you give your clothes the ideal treatment. The washing machine’s unique drum structure also helps you in getting all the dirt out of your clothes.

Whirlpool 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Grey (WM ROYAL 6.0 GENX GREY 5YMW)

This top-load washing machine from Whirlpool is a great under-20,000 INR washing machine for every home. The machine is well equipped to produce quality washes even when you have a hard water supply at your home.

The machine offers various wash programs that can give the ideal treatment to different types of fabrics. الخيارات الثنائية Its Magic Lint filter is also effective in collecting all the lint after every wash cycle.

LG 6.5 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully Automatic Top Load Silver (T65SKSF4Z)

The fully automatic LG washing machine is run by a smart inverter motor that helps the machine optimize the power consumption according to the usage. This makes the washing machine energy-efficient and helps you save a lot of money. The washer also has a unique Turbo Drum that gives an effective yet gentle wash.  

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Samsung 6.2 kg with Monsoon Feature Fully Automatic Top Load Grey (WA62M4100HY/TL 01)

Samsung is a brand that you can always rely on. This 6.2 kg Samsung washing machine is the perfect choice to serve a family of 2. The washing machine manages to get rid of all the dirt, sand, allergens, and microbes from your clothes with its powerful washes. The diamond ridges of its washing drum also facilitate the delicate handling of the clothes.

Fully automatic washing machines over Rs. 20,000

Samsung 6 kg 5 Star Inverter with Hygiene Steam Fully Automatic Front Load with In-built Heater White (WW60R20GLMA/TL)

This fully automatic washing machine from Samsung comes with an in-built heater that is efficient in heating the water within the wash drum. This allows you to give your clothes a warm wash and keep all the harmful allergens and bacteria away. 

You can also opt for a steam cycle that helps in giving a hygienic wash and also retain the softness of your fabric. Its Quick Wash mode can give you clean clothes within a matter of 10 to 15 minutes.

IFB 6 kg 5 Star Aqua Energie, Laundry Add, Tub Clean, Fully Automatic Front Load with In-built Heater White (Diva Aqua VX)

This IFB fully automatic washing machine comes loaded with some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world. Its innovative Deep Clean technology removes all the stubborn stains from your clothes.

Thus, your clothes come out looking fresh after every single wash cycle. Its Aqua Spa therapy does an amazing job at treating the clothes gently so that the fabric is not ruined during the washes.

With the additional Aqua Energie feature, the washing machine also ensures that the clothes do not contain any leftover detergent after the washes.

Haier 6.5 kg 5 star Ariel Wash Fully Automatic Top Load Brown, Grey (HWM65-FE)

This 5-star rated washing machine from Haier is an amazing combination of energy efficiency and productivity. The washing machine employs fuzzy logic to sense the amount of grease and dirt on your clothes. لعبة شترنج The machine then adjusts the spin speed and the amount of soap and water to make sure your clothes are cleaned appropriately. 

Furthermore, the washer also comes with a lint filter that catches all the lint from the washed clothes, so that the drum is clean after the wash.

Whirlpool 7.5 kg 5 Star, Hard Water wash Fully Automatic Top Load Grey (WM ROYAL PLUS 7.5 GREY 5YMW)

Equipped with a Spiro Action pulsator, this Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine ensures that your clothes get a hygienic wash every time. The washing machine uses its intelligence to give your clothes the right kind of wash, without you having to do anything. في اي دوري يلعب بايرن ميونخ

Additionally, it’s Zero Pressure Fill (ZPF) technology ensures that the tub gets filled with water even when the water pressure is low. 

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