Best hanging cat condo Cat House


“This cube is a hit from the moment you pull it out of its plastic wrapper and pop up the sides,” says one reviewer. One owner claims, “I barely got the floor pushed into place when the kitten was inside, batting at the toy balls inside,” and another owner says, “My cat liked it so much, she walked away from the container it came in and decided to play in it instead. 

It’s not a common occurrence.”

The cube is also pretty multi-functional cat home, as per many reviewers. “The top alone can be a nice pillow-bed with good side bolsters,” one reviewer writes. “The bottom cube can be used as a play tunnel with open top, or flipped for a lidded box. Birds in Colorado

” This is why the cat of one reviewer “sleeps inside or lounges on top of it all day long” and this reviewer suggests the bed “for cats who like private confined spaces, or just like to l ay on something off the ground.

” “My cat loves this bed. She doesn’t

sleep anywhere else at the moment,” says a satisfied pet owner who bought this K&H Kitty sleephouse. It is available in an heated version that the owner claims provides “just enough warmth for a cat to sleep for a long period of time,” which another user agrees is “just ideal for cold evenings.

 It’s not hot, but cozy.” Another reviewer notes that it did take a little bit of time for their cat to be onto the boat: “Kitty acted all pissy when she first got into the hole but then she realized that she was just crossing the threshold of”the Kitty Holy Grail.

” They go on to say, “If you tell her

that it’s time for her to go to bed, she’s in a frenzied speed into the hole, you’ll feel the breeze upon your legs when she speeds through.” Buy it now, and your cats will thank you later,” is a reviewer for the AmazonBasics cube, which “doesn’t look overly ‘cat furniture-y'” and comes with the words of another reviewer as

“really soft, fuzzy fur on the inside and top bed.” Many are pleased the fact that this cat home can be easily folded down for travel. For instance, one reviewer says, “Just wanted you all to know that if thinking about the quality of this product.

It’s extremely comfortable and easy

to carry and will keep well as it folds down and isn’t likely to be stored anywhere. If the cat goes camping with us, it’s a breeze to pack in a canvas bag.” Another reviewer says that even though it’s collapseable the cube is “so solid that a person of any age could be seated on it for hours on end.”

They are often referred to as “catty stacks,” these modular cardboard cubes are gaining high marks from those who have cats who are known to tear furniture up -However, many people are amazed they are at the strength of the cubes of cardboard are.

 “At the beginning, I didn’t have any

hopes for the long-term durability these stacks would last. Our cats love to chew wire, cardboard. and so on. And their teeth are wire-cutters that are combined with pliers with diagonals,” one reviewer admits in addition to, “Well, I underestimated the power that these containers. More

Cats are everywhere in them asleep, playing jack-in-the-box or jumping up and down and performing a bit of jaw exercise whenever they are able to. However, these cat condos remain in pristine condition!” Another has a cat that has “destroyed my bed, couch along with every single chair within my home but hasn’t destroyed the kitten’s condo.”

Furthermore, the fact the cubes

made of cardboard are able to be reconfigured is a great way to entertain both cats as well as owners. The cubes “attractive, functional, and best of all, made of a cat’s favorite thing: cardboard,” one reviewer writes.

A different states that these boxes “can entertain for hours,” permitting cats to “use the cubes and bridges for hiding and climbing as well as for watching from the tower’s window.”One user of the hanging cat house describes it as “a great way to keep space relatively open while providing a ton of space for your cats.”

Its vertical design is a multi-level one and this

implies that “even the timidest climber can get in and enjoy herself,” according to one reviewer describes the concept, and a reviewer who calls it “a great alternative to a regular cat condo” adds it is “it’s so fun to watch cats interact and play through the levels.” Can Cat Eat Strawberry ?

The amusing design is “an amazing gift for an overactive cat,” according to one reviewer. Another reviewer says “My cat will run up and down the levels like a nut for at least ten minutes at least once a day.” However, even with all that activity the unit “appears to be made of high grade materials that will withstand the thrashings of the herd.”


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