Best time of the year for a wedding in London, UK


Oh, you’re getting married! When’s the date?” This is a question you’ll be hearing very frequently once you decide to tie the knot. But planning a date or even month for the wedding isn’t as easy or instinctive as the moment when you just knew who your life partner is going to be. There’s so much to be considered and at times it can get very overwhelming for the couple. So what exactly is the best time to plan a wedding in London, UK? Let’s find out.

  • Outdoors or Indoors

While deciding on a month, it is important to consider whether you want an outdoor wedding or an indoor one. An indoor one can be held at any time honestly with only things like shopping sale and holidays to consider. But for outdoor weddings, there are factors out of your control; for example the weather. Since weddings are planned months in advance, you can never be too sure of how co-operative the weather will be; especially in London, where it keeps showering at any random time. And no one wants to be drenched at their weddings, right?

  • Avoid wedding showers in April

London has unpredictable rain throughout the year but there still are a few months that are considerably dry. Most people prefer summer weddings. July to September are the warmest months, but they certainly are not the driest. In fact in the month of August you can expect frequent showers. So that’s a problem. If you want the driest month then an April wedding will be perfect. But it isn’t warm at that time. So you’ll be having more of a winter wedding, just not in December. April has Easter holidays, so that’s a plus. Your guests will be able to come over to participate without having to miss work or school. If you check out Hatton garden engagement ring stores, there are many discounts available in the month of April.

  • Autumn wedding in October

The red and yellow backdrop of fallen leaves and clear blue skies with white clouds will create the best background for wedding photographs. Many people choose October as their wedding month simply because of the beautiful scenic surroundings that look dreamy and almost surreal. Outdoor weddings are a huge hit in the month of October.

  • …and finally December

December is the most popular month to consider because of the back-to-back holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  That’s the time when family is around and you can have your special moment in the company of family and friends. Also, most big brands have the ‘end of season’ sale going on so you’ll also be saving up a lot on you wedding shopping and since weddings are expensive, especially when you buy sapphire engagement ring london, this sure is a big motivation to choose December as your wedding month.

Yes, we understand that you were probably looking for one answer, but everyone has different preferences and priorities when it comes to selecting a wedding month. Some want a rainy wedding, some want a summer and some simply want to save up and enjoy with family. Overall, these are the few best times to get hitched in London, UK. The rest is, as they say, background noise, because with your better half, any time of the year is going to be super special anyway.


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