Boxing Gloves And Kick Boxing – Ultimate Guide


The sport of kickboxing involves two people fighting one another with a variety of martial arts techniques. The similarities between kickboxing and boxing are many, but they differ in several key ways too. This post will explore whether or not you need boxing gloves for kickboxing.

Boxing isn’t something that everybody may be interested in, but there are still so many people who enjoy pitting themselves against a punching bag. Some people do it to relieve stress. Others like the challenge of it. Regardless, there is a myriad of information you should know before picking up boxing gloves and hitting the heavy bag for the first time.

If you want to get in shape, build muscle or just cement your self-confidence, Kick Boxing is something you should look into. This sport is not only great for blowing off steam and losing weight, but it could also be one of the healthiest ways of getting fit.

Difference between Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves

You are looking to buy new boxing or kickboxing gloves, but you are confused about the difference between the two. You’ve seen them both at the store, and they look almost the same, so which one should you get? By learning a little bit more about these types of gloves, you will have no problem picking out the right one for your needs.

Kickboxing gloves are primarily used by kickboxers or martial arts practitioners. Kickboxing gloves, on the other hand, have less padding and are designed to allow boxers to throw more powerful kicks. Kickboxing gloves are also generally smaller than boxing gloves, which makes them better suited for fighters who use a lot of kicks in their fights.

In sum, striking differences exist between boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves. Generally speaking, boxing gloves are heavier, more durable, and designed to protect you from injury. Kickboxing gloves are lighter and offer more support for the thumb. The wraparound design of kickboxing gloves provides extra wrist support during kicks.

Boxing Gloves can be used for Kickboxing

It depends on what you want to use them for. If you are just starting out with martial arts, a good pair of boxing gloves could get the job done. Usually, the general rule is that lighter weight means softer impact, and if you are a beginner, this would be the way to go.

If you are looking to buy boxing gloves because you love kickboxing, there are some things to consider first. The gloves you use in boxing are different than the gloves used in kickboxing. In boxing, your hands and knuckles are protected by thick padding, which is not ideal for kicking. The boxers’ gloves you see used in a kickboxing bout will more likely be lighter and have less padding.

It’s time to show your serious side. Kickboxing is a fun way to get fit and stay in shape, but at the same time, it can be a dangerous sport that’s taken very seriously by pros. Training with the wrong gloves could have serious consequences. If you’re not wearing the best gloves for Kickboxing, whether due to price, functionality, or your own ignorance – you’re setting yourself up for failure.

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Wearing boxing gloves can feel strange in your hands if you’re not used to them, but with a little practice, a pair of them can become invaluable for protecting your hands and wrist as you throw punches and perform kicks during kickboxing exercises.

Advantages of Using Boxing Gloves for Kick Boxing 

There are a few benefits of using boxing gloves for kickboxing. One of the most important things is safety. Another reason is better handgrip and training with a heavier punching bag. Let us discuss some more benefits:

  • Boxing gloves are an essential piece of equipment to purchase if you are training in boxing. They can help to provide added padding, which can help to reduce the amount of impact on your hands and wrists. 
  • They help to create a more solid striking surface. When you make contact with an opponent, this increased surface area will help to create more power behind your punches and kicks. This also helps to protect your hands and knuckles from becoming injured.
  • The boxing gloves are not just used to protect your hands and knuckles from the impact when you hit another person, but they also keep the wrist loose and provide a firm grip during training sessions.
  • A quality pair of boxing gloves should offer high comfort and protection while also providing adequate support and cushioning. Both leather and vinyl models are available, though leather is typically the most durable option.

Both boxing and kickboxing are fantastic workouts, but each requires its own kind of gloves. While kickboxing involves the hands and fists a lot more, boxing calls for a different kind of glove to protect the hands, allowing boxers to punch at full force even after punching several times in a row.


  1. Can I use kickboxing gloves for boxing?

Yes, you can use boxing gloves. Boxing and kickboxing are two different martial arts. Although some may consider boxing as a form of kickboxing, the two are not the same.

  1. What boxing gloves weight should I get?

When it comes to boxing, there are many various types of gloves used. Depending on the type of fighting or match you are training for, gloves can range from 4oz to over 25oz.

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