Bringing the Los Angeles Angels to Life


    It wasn’t easy bringing the American League to Los Angeles. The concept began in the early 1940s. However, it didn’t become a reality until 1961. That’s when LA had official representation in the league.

    What were the challenges?

    You’re probably wondering why it took so long for the American League to get to Los Angeles. One reason was the disapproval of the St. Louis Browns’ call to move to Los Angeles. Although his attempt in 1942 met with a positive response, it was unsuccessful due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was also impossible for the Browns to move to Los Angeles shipping container pool when they planned to do so in 1954. This is because Baltimore bought the team.

    Finally, a talk about the franchise was held. This happened after the National League and the American League teamed up to prevent the Continental League from going ahead. Both leagues have decided to add new franchises to their respective leagues. The American League has named Los Angeles as its beneficiary.


    Organizing the team was tough. It took them a while to find a team owner due to competition issues. Although it was not Gene Autry’s intention to offer the property, he ends up doing it. He then he bought the franchise.

    It was easy for him to come up with a name for the team. However, it was not free. He had to pay $300,000.00 to the former owner of the name, Walter O’Malley. After that, the Los Angeles Angels were officially his.

    The evolution of your name

    Although Autry went through all that trouble to win the naming rights, he didn’t stay that way forever. The Angels have changed their names a couple of times for various reasons dating in Los Angeles. In 1965 they adopted the name of California Angels. This is to let people know that they are a California baseball team under the wings of the American League. This started when team owner Autry tried to find a home for his team, which he found in Orange County. He also traded to the Anaheim Angels when Disney took over.

    It again changed its name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2005 because Arte Moreno, the team’s new owner, wanted LA to appear on his behalf.

    his first year

    The team starts well. To this day, they still have the highest win rate of a new expansion team in their first year, 1961.

    While it may seem like a good first year, it was tough getting there. The team went through difficult times just to find a home. It all started when the team had no choice but to debut in 1961. They had to play in 1962. By decision, they played in the stadium used by the PCL LA Angels. That didn’t stop the Los Angeles Angels from winning their first game.

    The early years were colorful. In 1962, they finished extraordinarily in third place. They had a disappointing 1963, but came back strong in 1964. Their pitcher, Dean Chance, even won the Cy Young Award.

    5 Top Attractions in Los Angeles

    A trip to Los Angeles is not complete without visiting the sites and attractions that have made it so famous. The city welcomes millions of tourists each year, each hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite movie stars. As you search for your favorite star, check out some of these attractions.

    1) Hollywood Walk of Fame: Attracting millions of tourists each year, this walkway covers several streets and is a testament to the achievements in the entertainment industry. More than 2,500 bronze stars line sidewalks that stretch nearly 2 miles in length. The names are an eclectic mix of actors, fictional characters, musical icons, directors, and producers.

    2) Queen Mary: This famous and award-winning ship sailed the Atlantic Ocean between 1936 and 1967, as part of the Cunard Line. She is now docked in Long Beach, California. The ship’s mechanisms have been removed, but she remains a popular tourist attraction with shops, restaurants, and museums to explore.

    3) Venice Beach: This is much more than a beach; stroll along the boardwalk while admiring the many street performers and shop till you drop; If skateboarding is your thing, try the huge skateboard complete with bowls, steps, rails and platforms; if you like to build muscle, try the open-air gym on the beach, where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno once trained.

    4) Universal Studios – Both a theme park, with lots of rides and attractions, and a place where you can go behind the scenes and find out how your favorite movies are made. This is a popular tourist attraction, receiving millions of visitors every year.

    5) Grauman’s Chinese Theatre: Located on Hollywood Boulevard, this historic theater dates back to 1927. Since then it has hosted numerous premieres, academy award ceremonies and even birthday parties. Part of what makes it so architecturally interesting is the fact that it bears the footprints and handprints of some of the most famous characters in cinema.

    Don’t forget your camera, both for the views and the stars. But remember your tag when you find the icon of your favorite movie; always be courteous and ask for a photo before taking one. Weather clothing; the weather tends to be hot and sunny, but can get cool, especially at night. Bring light jackets, pants, and sweaters to keep you warm on those cold days.


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