Can a foreigner win the Powerball millions?


The collective frenzy before Wednesday’s. Powerball drawing transcends the borders of the United States. The jackpot, which on Monday amounted to 1,400 million dollars (about 1,300 million dollars). Is crushing the projections of the managers of this popular lottery. But can a foreigner play all six lucky numbers and then claim the jackpot if he wins it? If he pays the two dollars that thesmallestm bet costs, yes. There are no restrictions according to nationality although there. Are some conditions to be entitle to pocket the prize.

The essential need to play Power ball or Mega Millions

is to buy the combination in an authorized terminal, which is within the United States. That is, you can not play from the outside. That implies that any resident abroad must be present in one of the 44 states where this lottery is play. The same rule applies to residents of states like Nevada or Utah. Who must take the car and cross into a neighboring state to buy tickets in person. It is possible to use agents who are in charge of managing. Shemale of the tickets, paying the due commission. This is what Canadian citizens usually do through portals like In fac. The website announced on Wednesday that it was closing the sale of tickets. For this lottery “due to high demand.” Last December, a citizen residing in Iraq who had never traveled to the. US made it public that he won 6.4 million with Megabucks. He purchased the winning ticket in August through this online service. Which in turn used an agent in Oregon. But these cases are very rare

Besides, this route has risks, because this type of service is not regulated.

First, the system tends to get stuck (The Latter website was out of service this. Tuesday morning in Spain) and depends on the trust you have in the agents that keep the tickets. Second, and above all, the buy of the ticket must be “legal” so that the winner can collect the prize. In fact, all the portals that offer 파워볼 전용사이트 these days are fraudulent. Because in general terms it is illegal to buy lottery tickets online or by mail.

Gambling is illegal at the federal level in the US.

 It is the states that have the power to decide how they regulate games of chance within their borders. Including lotteries. If the game or information about it crosses state lines. it becomes federal property and is thus considered invalid. “Nobody except the lottery and licensed stores can sell tickets. Nobody ”, insist the managers.There are states, such as Illinois. That do allow onine lottery purchases. But in these cases they restricted only to residents. In parallel, there are several states in the US that are considering the option of limiting.

All lotteries to US citizens to prevent undocumented immigrants.

From benefiting from the prizes, but no initiative materialized.
As there are no limitations on nationality or residency. Immigrants in an irregular situation can buy. and claim the prize. But luck can turn against him because the lucky man must. Show his face in public and that makes him vulnerable to deportation. Being rich is also no guarantee that legalhousee in the US can be achieve, although it can pave the way.