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In the white glove and silky coat wearing white gloves and a silky coat, Birman may appear to be a little la-di-da. However, this gorgeous semi-long-haired cat can be described as a social butterfly who is a lover of people. People say they’re the perfect family cat.

Birmans are famous for their white feet, which are in the pattern of gloves (the white part on the front feet) along with laces (the white that runs along to the back leg). Birds in Colorado 

Birmans are affectionate and attentive and love being with families. They’re happy to enjoy watching TV with you during the afternoon, watching over the kitchen, or helping your children with their homework.

Birmans typically like being

handled and they love kids who handle them with kindness and with respect. For seniors or anyone who is looking for a calm and relaxed cat, they’re the most gentle and sociable cat.

They are generally healthy, however, problems that can be observed in this breed are more than normal levels of creatinine, urea or other waste materials in the blood. This may be related to kidney diseases and cardiomyopathy (a kind of cardiovascular disease).

A healthy Birman is likely to live up to 14 years. The medium-sized cats weigh between up to 6 to 15 pounds males weigh more than females.

The grooming requirements are easy. The smooth single coat doesn’t usually form mats, but cats need to be groomed regularly using a wide-toothed comb. This will eliminate dead hair and improve blood flow for good hair and skin. It is important to regularly trim nails. More

British Shorthair

Full cheeked and chubby Chunky and full-cheeked, The British shorthair is a cat for comfort designed to be sat in laps, twirling around legs while meals are being prepared and majestically stalking a mouse. With his huge dimensions and elegant manner, the British Shorthair is often called”the Winston Churchill of the cat world.

He is most well-known for his sociable, easygoing calm, and peaceful temperament. In keeping with his British roots, the breed requires an enormous amount of effort to shake his fur, which makes him an ideal pet for virtually every family.

British Shorthairs are peaceful and prefer living in a four-legged bed. They’re not likely to leap onto counters or climb curtains, and they’ve earned an image of an obnoxious snob. The mature British Shorthair can sleep all day long while working However, he prefers to be close to, beside or with his family at home.

The males weigh between 9 and 17 pounds

while females are less hefty at 7-12 pounds. Can Cats Eat Grapes It’s not difficult to let this breed get chubby especially since he is accustomed to being sedentary after the age of kittens? Do not let him gain extra weight. British shorthairs age slowly and don’t attain full size until three years old. They live between 14 and 20 years.

The grooming process isn’t that bad. The thick coat isn’t strangled and should be combed, or brushed once or twice per week. As with all cats, he sheds particularly in the fall and spring. It is important to groom him more frequently in these times. Trim nails regularly.


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