The Best Time to Post on Facebook, According to Experts


Facebook is the most popular social media marketing channel for many businesses. Click here, the massive number of users on the platform is perfect for brands to create brand recognition and loyalty. However, its popularity comes with a cost.

The competition on Facebook can be intense. This is why timing postings are of paramount importance. The ability to get your content placed in front of the public’s eye at the perfect moment can be the difference between the success or failure of an entire campaign.

This brings us to our million-dollar question: when is the ideal time to make a post on Facebook?

In this article, we’ll talk about the topic and offer suggestions on how you can determine the ideal time for your brand.

Is there a perfect time to make a post for Facebook?

By 2021, Facebook’s algorithm for newsfeeds will be based on four ranking factors: popularity, recency, type, and connection.

As long as a couple of factors drive the algorithm, new content is superior to older content. Your advertisements and posts must be live as soon as your fans are online. It’s an excellent way to increase your organic reach.

Many studies have attempted to establish the most effective timing to publish on Facebook. However, the results of these studies show the fact that… It’s virtually impossible to determine the “best time” that would fit every company on the platform.

If you come across anyone announcing a definitive, most reliable, foolproof moment to publish on Facebook, take it with a pinch of salt. Please use it as an opportunity to investigate the best option for your specific situation. It is your time zone. Your industry and target audience will determine your optimal time for posting.

However, we’ll examine the most effective overall time when you can post to Facebook to provide an excellent base.

The best time to post on Facebook

Hootsuite’s team Hootsuite researched and examined more than 30000 social media posts to determine which times of the day bring the highest engagement.

They found that the most popular time to post to social networks is 10 am. The best days to publish on social media at this time are Wednesdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. For more information:

The most popular time to publish on Facebook is between 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. For the times of the week, Tuesdays and Thursdays appear to be the best times to post.

Utilize these times to determine the ideal time for your content. Start posting between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Also, be aware of the performance of your posts. Then, tweak your posting schedule accordingly.

Tips for determining the ideal moment to post on Facebook

Millions of people use Facebook. The platform currently has around 1.82 billion active users per day.

Facebook Daily Active Users graph shows users’ growth over time, from Q1 2011 through Q1 2021.

Source: Statista

However, it’s challenging to get your message out with the correct strategies, even with the number of users.

These tips can help you collect relevant data, determine your ideal time to share your content, and engage your readers.

Take a look at your best-performing posts.

One of the best to determine the ideal timing to publish on Facebook is by looking back at your older posts.

Which of your articles did the best? Which got the most likes, shares, and even comments?

The time you post your most popular posts will reveal when your viewers are most interested in your posts.

You can utilize Facebook Page Insights to gain more insight into how your Page’s content is performing.

There are various tools for managing social media (like Hootsuite, for instance). Hootsuite) accessible to assist you in determining the posts that performed the best.

Hootsuite Analytics dashboard showing post and follower information

Source: Hootsuite

When you have learned from your most popular content, you’ll also be able to determine what type of content people like.

Successful posts are a result of great content and perfect timing.

Make sure you know the time of day when your audience is active online

This is a natural follow-up to the previous one. If you wish for your blog posts to be successful, it is essential to be aware of your readers’ behavior.

Understanding what your target audience is doing is essential to knowing when to publish.

You’ll be able to put your message out to your viewers as they’ll have a greater chance to react and be more engaged.

While Facebook Analytics used to be an effective tool for collecting details about your customers, this is no longer the scenario.

Facebook has decided to shut down the tool at the end of June 2021 as part of an effort to unify business tools.

It is recommended to utilize some of Facebook’s other applications like Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, and Facebook Business Suite.

Facebook Audience Insights is a fantastic tool that can collect information on people connected with your Page. In the tool, you can look up information about Facebook users generally.

Audience insights dashboards that display the demographics of an audience

Source: Facebook

Take note of the posts your competitors have posted

Keep track of the times they’re sharing content, and you could crack the code’ to determine the best time to post.

Also, it would help if you looked at the response the posts get. Are there lots of interactions? Do you notice that it seems to increase at certain moments?

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