Common Workplace Injuries That Teachers Can Suffer


Undoubtedly, teachers are in high demand. Teaching is one of the rewarding fields, and there is no doubt that teachers will always be in demand for their work. While teaching looks like a fun job, few people know that teachers can also suffer from injuries at work. Like other working individuals, teachers are also at risk of injury. 

If you are injured at your teaching job, know that you can seek financial compensation with the help of an experienced work injury compensation lawyer. In this blog, we will spotlight some of the common injuries for teachers to help you know what to expect. . 

What are the common injuries that a teacher can sustain?

Injuries can vary from one teacher to another, depending on their teaching faculty. Let us take a closer look below. 

  1. Injuries on the ground. 

Physical education teachers spend most right here of their day on the ground since it is the primary part of their job. From engaging in sports to teaching their students to help them learn new tricks, a physical education teacher indulges in various sports activities. During training, a teacher can sustain physical injuries. For example, getting injured by a soccer ball, tripping while running, and more. These injuries can range from minor bruises and pain to severe fractures, which would need time to recover. 

  1. Assault from students. 

Assault from students is one of the biggest problems teachers face. While it may not happen if you are an elementary that site teacher, you can be at risk of assault if you are a high school teacher or a professor in college. Aggressive students often end up attacking the teacher if they fail a subject or do not perform well. Even though a teacher would not be at fault, you cannot prevent the attack from happening, and they may leave you with multiple severe injuries. 

  1. Mental harm. 

Every workplace and stress go hand in hand. Being a teacher brings a lot to your table. You are somehow responsible for children’s future and ensuring they perform well. All the pressure can be too overwhelming to handle. Besides, if the working environment is toxic, it can harm your mental health and result in various psychological problems. Some familiar mental health battles teachers fight include depression, anxiety, trauma from any particular incident, and more. Remember, even if your job is teaching and helping students, always take care of your mental well-being. 

In case you face injuries at work, no matter who caused them, you may be eligible for compensation. Speak to an experienced attorney and know your legal rights. 

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