6 tips from industry experts about bakery boxes


Many bakeries sell delicious products, so it can be confusing selecting anyone. People may choose a certain product because they know it is of good quality. Apart from this, shoppers can be drawn to certain items because their bakery boxes look wonderful. The packaging can make your product prominent in a store and also protect the consumable product. However, you will need to know how to design the packaging perfectly so that this can happen. The box should be strong and also safe for the product. It must be able to stand out.

If you sell bakery products, you will want to attract people to them so that sales can increase. For this, you will have to have a tasty and good-quality product. To make it stand out, you can focus on designing bakery boxes amazingly. When they can be prominent, people will consider them. The packaging has different roles to play. Firstly, it can protect the bakery product from any external influences like germs. Secondly, the box can attract the target audience leading to them considering getting the product. However, for this, you must design the packaging perfectly.

The following are six tips concerning bakery packaging:

Create strong bakery boxesThe product must reach people in good condition if you want them to be happy and buy from you again. Therefore create strong packaging to put it in. The box should be able to keep the product safe from any germs, humidity, etc. These can spoil it. When it comes to consumable products like bakery ones, it is important to select packaging material that does not have dangerous chemicals in it.

You can think about getting Kraft corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes here. These can allow your precious bakery items to remain secure. You can even customize these to get the perfect box.

  1. Right size and shape

The packaging needs to be the correct size and shape also. Size matters because a huge box can result in the product moving around inside. It can spoil like this. If the box is really small, it can squash the bakery product. When you get the right size box, it will allow the pro

duct to remain secure during transportation.

The wrong shape box will also not be able to protect the bakery item. No doubt, unique shape custom bakery boxes do stand out, but they must be perfect for the product as well.

  1. Draw the eyes of the target audience

You must design packaging so that the consumer base will be able to notice it. If they do, sales can increase. Therefore get to know who these individuals are and what they want from packaging. You can then make a box that will appeal to them.

Kids and adults of both genders consume bakery products. However, if you are selling cupcakes specifically for kids, the custom packaging can be bright, colorful, and even have pictures of cartoons on it. If you want to show your bakery as a sophisticated and witty one, the packaging can look more decent and chic. You may even include witty sayings on it. It is important that packaging be able to stand out to those who want to buy the product.

  1. Informative bakery boxes

Make sure that your packaging lets people know about what you are selling. The informative boxes should include the necessary details about the bakery item. However, you must avoid adding those points which are not important because you can end up with a box that looks confusing.

You can tell what the product is, its quantity, flavor, ingredients, and nutritional details. Apart from this, let potential customers know about any health warnings of the product and manufacturing and expiry date.

Also, let customers know why they should buy your bakery product. For this, you can tell the special points that it has. You may be selling muffins that one can eat when on a diet. If this is true, state it on the packaging. But remember to be honest.

The font to include this on custom printed boxes must be an interesting-looking one. It has to be readable as well. Choose its size and color carefully so that people can easily read it.

  1. Increase brand awareness

Packaging should be able to help get your business known in the bakery industry. It must be able to increase brand awareness. Include a brand logo on the boxes for this. Customers should be able to notice products with this logo as being from your business.

You should even list the contact details of your company on custom bakery boxes. These will allow it to be easy for customers to contact you when they wish to buy more products, for instance. Give the address, phone number, email address, website, etc., of the business, on the packaging.

  1. Get the right box

You will see that there are different packaging options available like pillow boxes, gable boxes, window boxes, etc. Choose the one which will be perfect for your bakery product.

For example, if you wish customers to see the scrumptious cake you are selling, choose window custom packaging. They will be able to do this with the help of the transparent window. Some people may only buy the cake after they have seen it. Therefore the window box is helpful here. You can get gable boxes if you wish the box to be easy to hold. This one has a handle which makes it simple to hold.

From the above, you can see that it is important to know how to make bakery boxes. When you get the right one, it can protect the bakery product from any harm. This is important if you want to give the impression that you care about the health of customers. You also need to design the box well, allowing it to be prominent so that the consumer base can notice it.


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