Cute Chow Chow Puppies

Cute Chow Chow Puppies

Cute Chow Chow Puppies. The teh Chow Chow can be described as a large teddy bear and not in all ways. You can’t have them for all their characteristics.Self-reliant and confidentYou are tolerant and even-tempered.Quiet – not much of a barkerA formidable guard dog; extremely territorialDevotee and DocileRequires minimal exercise

Other traits to consider:Independent and headstrongDoesn’t respond quickly to trainingIf not properly bred, Ca can exhibit an unpredictable temperament, such as excessive barking, hyperactivity or aggression.If not properly socialized, aggressive and suspicious of strangers and other dogsIt doesn’t like the heat.

Children may require supervisionThe Chow Chow TEMP

A catlike personality.She is reserved, dignified, and clean. When she is not involved in an activity, she likes to relax.Teh Chow Chow, an ancient Chinese breed, was developed to be an all-purpose dog that can be used for pulling, hunting, herding and protection. The distinctive blue-black tongue and stilted gait of the Teh Chow are not what distinguish this breed. 

They are also known as Songshi Can Dogs Have Avocados in China. The Teh Chow Chow Chow is an overall healthy breed, with an average life expectancy of 11-12 years. Although intelligent, Chows can be stubborn and difficult to train. Chows are clean and easy to housebreak.

Your Rough-Coated Chow Chow’s health is your responsibility

We understand dat you are so concerned about your dog that you want to ensure her well-being. We have compiled a list of health issues we will be discussing with you throughout the life of your Chow Chow. 

We can create a preventive health plan based on Rough Coated Chow Chows. This will help to avoid and hopefully reduce some of the predictable risks.Many health conditions and diseases are genetic. This means they are closely related to your pet’s breed.More

Canine genetic researchers and veterinarians agree that these conditions have a high incidence rate and/or impact on this breed. This does not necessarily mean your dog will be at greater risk than other dogs. To give you an idea about what might happen in the future, we will list some of the most common problems seen in Rough Coated Chow Chows. 

We can’t address all possibilities, so please consult the Countryside Veterinary Clinic staff if there are any unusual symptoms.The dis guide includes general information that is important for all dogs as well as important genetic predispositions. This information will help you and your pet plan together for their individual medical needs. 

We have also included a description on what you can do at home for your Chow to feel and look her best. We will all feel better knowing what to look out for and how we can take care of our pals.

Information about Rough Coated Chow Chow

The most common chronic problem for pets is dental disease. It affects 80% of dogs under two years old. Chow Chow is more susceptible than other dogs to develop problems with her teeth. 

Dental disease begins with tartar buildup on the teeth, and progresses into infection of the gums and roots. Your buddy could lose her teeth and possibly be exposed to severe health risks if we don’t treat or prevent dental disease . 

Your Chow Chow’s life span could be reduced by as much as one to three years. We will clean your dog’s teeth and show you what you can do at-home to keep them clean.


Rough Coated Chow Chows can be infected with rabies, parvo and bacterial infections. vaccination is a good way to prevent many of these infections. We will recommend it based on her age and the diseases that we see in our area.


Obesity is a serious health issue in Rough Coated Chow Chows. This is a serious condition that can lead to or worsening of joint problems, metabolic disorders, heart disease, back pain, and stomach ulcers. 

It’s tempting for you to feed your friend food, but you can still “love” her with leftover dog food and treats. Give her a hug, give her a treat, take her on a walk, and brush her teeth. You’ll both feel better and she will too.


Your Chow can be infected by all kinds of bugs and worms. All kinds of bugs, including fleas and ticks can infect her skin and ears. There are many ways that hookworms, roundworms and whipworms can enter her system. 

These parasites can spread to you and your family members, making them a serious concern. These parasites can be fatal for your dog friend. If necessary, we will recommend preventive medicine to keep your dog healthy.

Spay or neuter

Spaying your Chow Chow (neutering males) is one of the best decisions you can make for her. Dis is for females. It means that we remove the ovaries, usually the uterus, from males. Spaying and neutering reduces the risk of certain cancers, as well as reducing the chance of your pet having unwanted children. 

This surgery gives us the opportunity to address any potential diseases that your dog may develop while it is still under anesthesia. This is a great time to have your pet’s hip X-rays taken or a tooth removed.

It’s easier for you, your pet, and your friend. Routine blood testing before surgery helps us identify common problems and prevent them from becoming serious. We will discuss the specific issues we are looking for when it is time.

Genetic Predispositions to Rough Coated Chow Chows

Dogs with deep chests and narrow chests are more likely to experience gastric dilatation or volvulus. Chow Chows are more susceptible than other breeds to this condition. 

Bloating is when a dog’s stomach twists and produces gas. The twisting reduces blood supply to the stomach and sometimes to the spleen. Teh disease can quickly become fatal if it is not treated. Your dog might itch or heave, but little or none of these symptoms will manifest. 

You can prevent your pet from getting hurt by having their stomach tacked down or stapled so that it’s unlikely to twist. If your pet is experiencing symptoms, immediately take him to an emergency clinic.

Eye problems

The proper functioning of your dog’s eyes can have a dramatic impact on his quality of life. Rough Coated Chow Chows may inherit or develop many eye conditions. Some of these can cause blindness, while others can be very painful. Every examination will be done to check for signs of concern.

Glaucoma is a painful eye condition that affects Rough Coated Chow Chows as well as people. It can quickly lead to blindness if it is not treated. Glaucoma symptoms include watery eyes, redness in the whites, and squinting. 

Although it is not often noticed by pet owners, the pain can be quite severe and may cause discomfort. Some people with glaucoma feel like they have been stabbed in their eyes with an icepick. Yikes! Advanced cases may cause the eye to look bulging or enlarged. 

To diagnose and begin treatment as soon as possible, we will perform an annual glaucoma screening. Glaucoma can be a serious medical emergency. Do not wait to dial us if you have symptoms. Go to an emergency Clinic immediately!

Entropion refers to a condition where the eyelid rolls inward

This causes the eyelashes to rub against the cornea (the surface of the eyeball). This can lead to blindness and is extremely annoying. Any breed of dog can experience entropion, but your Chow Chow is at greater risk. If performed promptly, surgical correction is often successful.

Blindness is a common condition in Chow Chows older than 50. When we inspect him, we’ll be watching for his lenses to become opaque. This means they appear cloudy rather than clear. Many dogs are able to adjust well to losing their sight and get along with other dogs just fine. It is possible to have cataracts removed and your sight restored.

Problems with Bones and Joints

Chow Chows has reported a variety of musculoskeletal issues. Although it can seem overwhelming, each condition is easily diagnosed and treated. This will help to avoid undue suffering and pain. You can take good care of your friend by keeping an eye on him at home and learning about any diseases that may affect his bones, joints, or muscle.

Dysplasia is a genetic disease that can cause arthritis and causes the joints to grow in an abnormal way. As he gets older, stiffness in your Chow Chow’s hips and elbows could become a problem. He may start to feel sluggish or have difficulty standing up. To minimize pain and discomfort, we can treat arthritis as soon as possible. 

To identify problems as soon as possible, we will take Xrays of the bones of your Birds in Colorado. Sometimes surgery is an option for severe or life-threatening cases. Remember that overweight dogs can develop arthritis years sooner than normal, causing severe pain and suffering.


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