Design Your ADU in Santa Ana with these Important Tips


Building ADU in Santa Ana: Know all the aspects of building an ADU for your parents

Initially, the concept of ADU came into existence keeping the old parents in mind, which means you can build a separate house with all the facilities available in it. The ADU house can be built on your property at a minimum distance of 4 feet from the main house. The purpose is to keep your parents close to your while not disturbing their privacy. At the time of emergency, you can step out of the house to help them out.

However, the purpose of building an ADU has changed over time as your caretakers and other relatives can stay there and still enjoy their privacy. If you want to know everything about ADU Santa Ana, you can take the help of our ADU expert who will guide you through all the procedures. He will also guide you about the design of your ADU house with all the facilities available inside it.

Rules to follow to build ADU in Santa Ana:

· If you are building ADUs in Santa Ana, you are allowed one or more ADUs on your property. The area of the ADU should be 850-1,000 square feet.

· The state law states that there should be a single-family living on your property to build an ADU. For all single families, at least one ADU and one junior ADU are permitted. If there are multi-family lots, you can build one ADU per every four existing residential units.

· If you are building a one-bed ADU, the area approved for this will be 850 sqft and for a two-bed ADU, it goes up to 1000 sqft. The measurement for a Junior ADU is 500 sqft.

· You can build three types of ADU in Santa Ana; attached ADU, detached ADU, and junior ADU. The attached ADU is a part of the main house and is connected with it, whereas the detached ADU is separated from the main house. Junior ADU is small in size as the name suggests. You can have one ADU and one junior ADU on your property according to state law.

· You do not need owner occupancy for ADUs that are built between 2020 and 2025.

· If you have converted your garage into an ADU, then you are not permitted to replace parking requirements.

A few tips to follow while building an ADU:

You need to follow a few tips while building an ADU for your parents.

Plan a budget:

First, you need to plan a budget for your ADU. Then you can plan the design of your ADU unit carefully. You can take the help of our expert who will guide you with all the necessary information. Remember, an ADU is a separate home for your old parents. So, it needs to be equipped with all the amenities and facilities. So, plan accordingly so that your parents can live happily inside it.

Your parents’ opinion is important:

If you want to make your parents happy, then you can take their opinion while building an ADU. After all, they are supposed to live there not you. So, you should take care of their opinion and views while designing the unit. The house for old people should be safe and comfortable as they require more care and comfort.

Choose material carefully:

The material of the flooring, especially the bathroom should be chosen carefully as there are chances your parents slip inside a bathroom. So, avoid using slippery material for flooring. The house should be bright, airy, and comfortable so that your parents do not face any problems. You can use bright colors to uplift the mood of your parents; often old people lack interest in life. So, to keep them away from negative thoughts, you can add vibrancy to your space by adding lots of colors and green plants.

Final Words:

ADU can be a separate house, but it is equally important as your parents are supposed to live there. So, follow all the rules and regulations of your locality and plan your ADU with all the required facilities that your parents need. You can take the help of our expert who can design your house and make it worth living.


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