DIRECT TV Sports Program


DIRECTV is a sports program leader and offers a variety of sports packages to its subscribers. Provided Sunday’s NFL Ticket, SPORT Hot Pass, Sport, SPORT FULL SHORT. MLB EXTRA INNINGS, NBA League Passage. NHL ICE CENTER, MLS Kick Direct, Cricket Ticket, Sports Week, NCAA MEGA MARCH, Golf.

Sunday NFL ticket

Subscribers can enjoy soccer with TICKET, which is only available on DIRECTV. Subscribers can watch up to 14 games every Sunday with live results, detailed stats, and player tracking. Up to 18 players will be displayed on the screen in real time. Every time a player plays a game that changes the rules of the game. A live big play alert is provided to the player.

Multiple tables and a single table are displayed on the same screen.

 Points can be displayed as points every 3 months. Subscribers can see the best player stats and the speed, pass. And player stats of the three best players on each team. Team statistics consist of the first team’s transfer, place of birth, and permit. Subscribers can use dividing lines to view team results in real time and to view information about met carbon competition. NFL Super flower TICKET, Super Fan, Clear Ambient HD Sounds. Dolby Digital 5.1 per game, 14 games and live streaming of Sunday games on mobile phones. And computers. The Game Mix channel allows subscribers to watch up to 8 live games on one screen. And play up to 30 free commercial reruns of all games. The red zone channel broadcasts the final meter for each target.

DIRECTV SUPERCAST allows subscribers to watch games on their computer.

 Subscribers can view game results and completions and current game status. As well as receive game and player statistics for each game. They can enjoy games on the Red Zone channel and can switch games at any time. SUPERCAST MOBILE allows subscribers to watch games on their mobile phones. SUPERCAST Mobile is free for all Super Fan subscribers. And provides all the features of the SUPERCAST desktop application. Including lighting, video streaming, results and statistics.

SPORT hot pass

Subscribers are only available on DIRECTV and can join all thrillers available for free to all DIRECTV subscribers. 해외축구중계  allows hot pass subscribers to view each race on each lap. Using four separate driver channels available in HD format. During the race, four defined driver channels focus on one driver. Subscribers can see inside and outside the driver’s room on the same screen. And publish driver and radio commands over the network. All four channels will be broadcast in HD. Thanks to DIRECTV HD, the sound of hitting a wall gains subscribers every second.


Sport is a college football television show that allows subscribers to watch up. To 8 major conferences, up to 12 college football games. And up to 150 major games and games, even if subscribers live outside the region. The Atlantic Coast, Greater East, Big 12, Mid America, Pacific 10, South East. Athletics West, and Sunbelt are the main conferences for the Endgame Plan.


SPORT FULL COURT hosts 30 weekly college basketball games, including major conference games. Subscribers can see teams competing for meeting titles, regardless of where they live. The Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big 12, Colonial Athletic, Mid-American, Metro Atlantic, Pacific 10. South East, Western Athletic, and Sunbelt are the main SPORTFULL COURT conferences.


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