Do you Know the Benefits that Google Ads offers you?

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Although outside of digital marketing, “Google Ads ” is not such a popular term, it is certainly a tool that can make a difference in the success of an advertising campaign or poor results that it presents.

And you, do you know everything that Google Ads offers you? In addition to the obvious benefits that Google Ads campaigns have on product sales, their advantages go even further.

We will present you some of the main key points that will make you ask yourself: why am I not investing in Google advertising for my business yet?

1. Growth of online sales

The main benefit of acquiring the Google Ads service in a digital marketing agency is the increase in sales.

Although it may seem very easy and that you are only investing in advertising, the process is not as simple as it seems, because in order to have good results, the campaign must be correctly optimized, helping you to maximize the return on investment.

2. Measurement and analysis statistics

One of the great advantages that this tool offers you, compared to others, is that it allows you to measure the results that you are obtaining in the campaign, as well as the return on your investment.

In addition, you will know extremely important data, such as which ads, keywords or initiatives are working for you, which will allow you to constantly optimize your campaign, and each time obtain a better result in your conversions.

3. Keywords

By using this tool in a campaign that is active, we will have access to essential data such as keywords. With this information we will be able to successfully choose the right terms on which to bid so that the campaign ads appear in search.

One of the figures that we will obtain with Ads is the search volume of your keywords, which will help us to correctly plan other types of campaigns, such as an SEO strategy, for example.

4. Results in real time

Speed ​​of implementation. With Google ad management Melbourne you can have your first visitors and sometimes even buyers in a matter of hours. You can create your campaigns and ads so that your prospects can view them quickly without having to wait days or a number of processes.

When a web project is launched, getting visits with organic traffic through SEO web positioning requires effort and time. Top positions are not achieved overnight.

But thanks to PPC campaigns, also known as “pay per click”, we can capture traffic from the moment we activate them. Therefore, the best way to start getting visitors to a website is through search engine ads.

5. Quality traffic

One of the points in favor of a Google Ads campaign is that the traffic generated to our page is of quality, also known as “qualified traffic” with which you can get visits to your website from people interested in a product or service like yours, so you will receive highly potential customers, increasing the chances of conversion and having more chances of becoming customers of your brand.

6. First positions

Ads are the first results on Google search pages. And even if they carry a brand with the word “Ad”, you have to accept that they are the first ones that the client sees and many times without even noticing that it is an ad, since they are so similar to the organic results of a search.

Therefore, thanks to Ads you can get the top positions in Google searches from the first day. Paying for each click you receive, yes.

7. Publicize a service or product

Many times our product or service is not yet known. And therefore, people do not type their name into search engines. With the “Search Network” tool, within Google Ads, our brand or product can appear in related searches, or even when the potential customer is looking for information about the problem or need that our product or service offers. Without a doubt, a widely effective strategy in new releases.

8. Notoriety

Both in online marketing and in traditional marketing, one of the great objectives of brands is what they call notoriety. Or in English branding, top of mind, that is, that the user keep us in mind at all times so that we are one of the options (if not the only one), when they go to buy a product that we offer.

Google Display Network. That is, the banner type ads that are shown to us while we browse the web pages. They have a great advantage. As long as no one clicks on the ad, we are not charged. And we can be appearing on thousands of web pages without being charged for it. And the users, after seeing our ad 3 or 4 times, in the end what we offer is recorded, even if they have not clicked.

9. Pay per click

With Ads you only pay when a person clicks on your ad. Unlike other types of ads, clickers are typically interested in what you have to offer.

Goodbye to the days when here you paid a lot for advertising that your potential customers could not see!

10. Remarketing

Finally, Google Ads allows us to have a remarketing strategy. It is based on impacting users who have been on your website and have not carried out the conversion action (a purchase, a phone call or basically sending a form).

These banners are usually associated with ads that are following us, but in reality you can also do remarketing with search or shopping ads.

It should be clarified that although a tool is very good, its success will depend to a greater extent on the expertise of whoever manages the campaign. This is why the importance of acquiring the services of a digital marketing agency that offers you to carry out the great post to read campaign tailored to each company.

At Digital Nomads HQ, a digital marketing agency, we have specialists in Google Ads campaigns. We have designed and executed plans for companies of a large number of lines and sizes, so we have numerous success stories.


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