7 Best Doberman Breeders in North Carolina [2022]

Doberman Breeders in North Carolina

You’re sure to find the best Doberman breeders in North Carolina. Doberman puppies are a great choice for dog owners who want a large, intelligent breed of dog. Because they are moderately aggressive, Dobermans have gained popularity as guard dogs. This is bad news for anyone who would like to trespass.

They are usually used as guard dogs. Because they are often depicted in movies as angry, snarling, and aggressive dogs. This is not always the case. Dobermans are becoming more popular because of their friendly nature.

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Best Doberman Puppies For Sale in North Carolina

Because they aren’t socialized at a young age by breeders, the Doberman’s aggressive nature is not uncommon. We did our research and found the top Doberman breeders in North Carolina.

We can guarantee you that they take the breeder practices of your dog seriously. They use tried and true methods to raise Doberman puppies in North Carolina.

1. PuppySpot Dobermans North Carolina

Doberman Breeders in North Carolina

PuppySpot is a standout among many Doberman breeders and families looking for Doberman puppies. PuppySpot allows you to browse the platform if you and your family remain undecided about raising a Doberman.

You can find a variety of breeds, from popular purebreds to designer dogs like Dobermans. PuppySpot offers useful search tools such as the ability to find a Doberman’s age, color, or coat type. PuppySpot makes it easy to find a Doberman companion in North Carolina.

PuppySpot only lists puppies that have been born. This means you can get your Doberman quickly without having to wait on a long list.

We are all cautious about puppy mills and backyard breeders, just like everyone else. PuppySpot screens all Doberman dog breeders to make sure that the future owners bring home a happy and loving puppy. They require that breeders be registered and licensed, and USDA compliant.

PuppySpot puppies come with a health certificate, AKC papers, and a guarantee. Click the link to learn more about PuppySpot and how it can help your Doberman puppy.

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Website: PuppySpot Dobermans North Carolina

2. Dockstader’s Dobermans & Cane Corsos North Carolina

Doberman Breeders in North Carolina

Dockstader’s motto is “Committed to Excellence”, which reflects their commitment to raising intelligent, affectionate, and loving protector dogs in Union County.

They also receive obedience training so that their Doberman puppies are easy to handle. The best thing about this breeder is their honesty when describing each dog. Their selection of dogs can be found on their website under “Available puppies”. Once you have chosen a puppy that you like, one of their staff members will reach out to you.

Flexible meet-ups are available so you can get to know your new family member. They are also happy to answer your questions before you submit the paperwork. Their Doberman puppies are usually available for purchase for around $2000. You can also have your companion delivered right to your door with shipping services.

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address Union County, NC 28110
  • Telephone: +1 240-494-6620
  • Email: dockstadersdobermans@gmail.com

3. Southern Paws Dobermans

Doberman Breeders in North Carolina

Southern Paws breeders are known for raising happy and healthy Doberman puppies in Clarendon (North Carolina). They have been in the business for some time and are able to match the right bloodlines for their puppies.

All dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and undergo a thorough screening for genetic diseases. It is easy to adopt one of their fearless and loyal Doberman puppies. On their Facebook page, you can browse photos of their puppies and find out when they will be coming home.

You can message them via one of their posts and drop your email address to join their waiting lists. The breeder will soon send you a note. They are very easy to deal with and love their Doberman pups in North Carolina.

They want them to find wonderful forever homes. They won’t be able to give you pricing information or fees. They are patient and will quickly answer all of your questions.

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address 620 Ed Ward Road Clarendon, NC 28432.
  • Telephone: + 1 910-625-5762

4. Lucky Puppy Kennel North Carolina

Doberman Breeders in North Carolina

This kennel is located in Salisbury North Carolina. You will be fortunate to adopt one of the loving, outgoing Doberman pups. Lucky Puppy Kennel breeders are passionate about their dogs and use that passion in cross-matching. You can choose from a variety of colors and genders of puppies.

The goal is to keep potential customers involved, so they allow you to request photos anytime during the eight-week wait. Lucky Puppy Kennel has a selection of Doberman puppies that are smart and active. You can visit their website to see the AKC registered dogs.

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address: 239 Heavens Tri, Salisbury, NC 28146.
  • Telephone: +1 704-245-4949
  • Email: luckypuppykennel@gmail.com

5. Valor Doberman Puppies

Doberman Breeders in North Carolina

Although the main branch of these majestic breeders is located in Virginia, they are still actively involved in the supply of the North Carolinian population. Valor Dobermans puppies are a great choice for pet owners who want majestic European Dobermans.

The Doberman lover will love their smart, beautiful, and physically fit dogs. The site is simple to use and allows you to quickly find the information you are looking for about any puppy you choose.

Valor not only provides a comprehensive introduction to each puppy but also includes the AKC registration certificate and vaccinations calendar.

They sell for around $3000, with a $1000 non-refundable charge that goes towards other expenses. They are only a short distance across state lines, so you can ship your new companion to North Carolina or another state. They can also be picked up

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address: 10 Bullens Creek Dr, New Bern, NC 28562
  • Email: raynmare@gmail.com

6. Husky Palace

Doberman Breeders in North Carolina

Both North Carolina and South Carolina residents can access Husky Palace breeders. They are focused on raising healthy, beautiful puppies with a friendly temperament.

They have been breeding dogs since 2005, and they are a pro at achieving their goals. All dogs are registered with AKC and have all their vaccines up to date when you get them. This is the oldest Doberman breeding facility in North Carolina.

Dobermans are more at ease with experienced dog parents because of their unique personality traits. To assess the understanding of potential owners, they must complete a questionnaire and provide any relevant information.

You can join the waiting list to be a part of the next litter, but dogs are often booked quickly. Before you reserve a puppy, learn more about the parents. The prices for Doberman puppies are $2800-$3000 for females, and $3000-$3400 to $3000 for males.

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address: Sanford, NC.
  • Telephone: +1 864-518-0085
  • Email: huskypalace@gmail.com

7. Chappell’s Unique Dobermans

The breeder Chappell’s kennel was founded to raise Doberman Pinschers who are unique and joyous in every home. They have 16 years of combined experience and know what it takes for a puppy to be friendly, intelligent, obedient, and happy.

They provide full AKC registration and regular veterinarian checks. They will even offer free deworming when you are ready to take your new companion home. The breeder is located at Rockingham, North Carolina.

Every Doberman puppy is eager for a new home. You’ll likely be met with wagging tales as you make your way to the farm. Parents on the waiting list are kept informed of their pup’s progress by keeping them updated with photos. Contact the Doberman breeder for more information about shipping and pricing.

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address : 506 Richmond Road Rockingham, NC 28379.
  • Telephone: +1 910-995-6018

8. Absolutek9s

Absolutek9s is a team of experienced breeders who are dedicated to finding forever homes for their Dobermans. They strive to be the best in cross-matching, and they expand their stock to the top kennels in Europe as well as the USA.

They have proven methods to raise intelligent and loyal pups. Their website and social media pages allow you to view the puppies for sale. You can find out if your dog is a good show dog, guard dog, or house pet by reading their detailed descriptions. Their health is paramount, so all Doberman puppies are vaccinated and screened for the disease.

You will need to contact them for further information. You can also get hats and other merchandise to show that you are a proud Doberman owner.

Doberman Breeder Details

  • Address: Greenville, SC.
  • Telephone: +1 864-414-9272
  • Email: Absolutek9s@gmail.com

Conclusion for the Best Doberman Breeders North Carolina

Dobermans are known for their protective nature, which greatly increases safety for you and your family. You should find the best Doberman breeding facilities in North Carolina to ensure that you are adopting a healthy, happy puppy.

While this dog breed can be difficult for new dog owners, experienced daddies and mommies will love having one at their homes. Ask lots of questions and have fun selecting the right breeder.


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