Employment Lawyer Services in Toronto

employment lawyer toronto

If you have a dispute with your employer, hiring an Employment Lawyer in Toronto is essential. You will need to take swift action and understand the laws regarding employment lawyer toronto. A Toronto Employment Lawyer with the necessary experience can help you resolve your case in a timely manner. Listed below are a few of the best services in Toronto. Read on to learn more. Also, read our review of Samfiru Tumarkin, Advocation Professional Corporation, Sezar, and Bune Law.

Employment contract

If you are in need of an employment lawyer in Toronto, consider Samfiru Tumarkin LLP. Founded in 2007, the firm represents clients in all areas of employment law. So, Their Lawyer specialize in wrongful dismissal, workplace discrimination, and employee benefits and severance pay, as well as drafting employment contracts. Whether you are seeking advice on a discrimination claim or an employment contract dispute, Samfiru Tumarkin has years of experience in handling these types of cases.

Lior Samfiru, National Co-Managing Partner at Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, heads the firm’s Labour and Employment Law Group. His legal expertise is evident in his experience in numerous successful litigation cases, mediations, and ongoing advocacy for workers’ rights. Lior Samfiru is a seasoned and highly respected employment lawyer who has represented over 10,000 clients throughout Ontario and British Columbia. So, His reputation as one of Canada’s top employment law firms speaks for itself.

employment lawyer toronto

Advocation Professional Corporation

The legal counsel provided by Advocation can help you overcome many obstacles in an employment law matter. So, Their human resource and workplace law practice carries the weight of enforcing Ontario’s labour and employment laws. Their attorneys specialize in a wide variety of employment-related matters, including unfair labour practices, wrongful dismissal, and other matters. They also offer flexible payment arrangements and have won millions for their clients.

Their staff of employment lawyers has decades of experience in employment law and understands the importance of establishing a client-centered working environment. So, They will listen to their clients’ concerns and work with them to create a supportive and constructive workplace environment. Their attorneys also know how to handle tricky and sensitive situations related to the workplace, which means they can help them avoid costly mistakes and ensure that they receive the best possible outcome. As such, they will fight for you in court and ensure that your rights are protected.

Effective legal services

The firm of Sezar provides effective legal services to both employers and employees throughout the Province of Ontario. Sezar specializes in employment law. And has experience navigating employment disputes ranging from wrongful dismissal and hostile workplace conditions to human rights complaints and regulatory/provincial offences. His firm has successfully represented clients before tribunals and courts across the province. Including the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and the Small Claims Court. To learn more about Sezar’s employment lawyer services, contact him today.

The firm’s Toronto Employment Lawyers offer legal advice and assistance throughout the entire process. And will work closely with you to maximize your compensation. So, The team will review your case to ensure the best possible outcome. And will be governed by the Law Society of Ontario to ensure the highest standards of competence and learning. The firm is fully licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. And is therefore a member of the organization’s Code of Professional Conduct.

employment lawyer toronto

Law in Toronto

The highly skilled employment lawyers at Bune Law in Toronto can assist you in all areas of employment law in Ontario. They can help you with wrongful dismissals, severance package reviews, and negotiating employment contracts. They can also help you enforce your legal rights if you have been retaliated against. So, They have represented both employers and employees in countless cases and have a reputation for success. For more information about Bune Law’s employment lawyer services in Toronto, please contact their offices today.

You can also contact Bune Law for legal consultations. This employment lawyer in Toronto is available on a limited basis for telephone consultations. This means that you will not have to spend hours at a time navigating the legal system. This means that you will be able to focus on the legal process while receiving quality legal advice. Whether you are facing a dispute with your employer, you can count on Bune Law’s legal expertise to help you win your case.


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