Fashion design, creativity in clothing and accessories


The fashion sector is dynamic, changing and requires creative and innovative professionals. Who meet the needs of the public, while setting new trends. If you are attract to everything related to fashion design. You have different alternatives to channel your professional career.
In the field of fashion design, there are professionals who create clothes. That follow the patterns of a fashion already accepted. And consolidated in the market. The most creative designers who observe, expect the needs of customers. Create new designs that set future trends. Fashion design also includes a specialized sector, haute couture. The level of demand here is very high and making a career in this field is difficult. But you can work on it. By targeting wholesale manufacturing and serving retail orders.
Fashion design includes different areas. Or specialties such as adult clothing, children’s clothing or sportswear.

Depending on your preferences and the orientation you want to give to your working life,

You can choose different training paths through the University. 레플리카 사이트 Schools, Professional Training or taking specific courses.

You can access the world of fashion for the first time by taking Professional Training.

There are intermediate grade cycles and others of higher grade. To access them there are different ways. For example, you can enter after having finished ESO. From different modalities of Baccalaureate. Or being 17 years old and taking an entrance test.
At the University one of the options is the Degree in fashion design. Aimed at developing creativity and strategy to know how to solve project. expect and locate trends and design new collections. During the program, artistic drawing, clothing, pattern making. Different materials, design tools and systems. As well as marketing or legislation kartexsuits relate to the fashion sector, are delve into. To enter this program you can do it from the higher level training cycles. From any type of baccalaureate plus selectivity. Or by passing the entrance exams for people over 25, 40 and 45 years old.

There are also different master’s degrees in fashion design on the market.

In them she delves into the elements to plan a fashion project. Studying everything from techniques, materials and design to the most commercial part. All with the aim of mastering the entire process.
But there are also training alternatives in Visit Your URL academies and educational centers. That offer general programs related to fashion design and specialized courses. Such as computer-assisted fashion design, fashion illustration. Pattern transformation or ethical and sustainable fashion design.

Professional profile

To become part of the world of fashion design. It is important to gather some personal characteristics and skills. Among them stand out:

  • Interest in fashion
  • Artistic and creative skills
  • Knowledge and ability to work with colors, shapes and fabrics
  • Ability to draw
  • Attention to detail, rigor
  • Tolerance for criticism
  • Interest in research and experimentation
  • Observation capacity

These personal skills are develop and expand. During the course of the training program. adding the development of other skills such as:

  • Ability to forecast trends
  • Creativity
  • Precision and neatness
  • Numerical reasoning ability to perform calculations and measurements
  • Manual skills
  • Organizational and planning capacity
  • Learn to work and lead teams

Professional outings

The continuous growth and evolution of the fashion industry means. That companies in this sector need qualified. Creative professionals who are up to date with new techniques and market trends.
Professional opportunities for experts in fashion design may be orient towards working. For someone else or creating their own workshop or fashion firm.
They can work as a fashion designer creating lines of clothing. And accessories for the different seasons. Work is do well in advance, sometimes two seasons in advance. Among its functions, Also to the design of the garments. Is the choice of materials, the planning and supervision of the production of product. Quality control and even tasks related to distribution and marketing campaigns.
The fashion designer can work for the collections of large masses of the public. For individual clients, specific groups or for haute couture.

Another profession related to the field of fashion. Design is the specialty of costume designer.

Here the designers conceive and make the costumes and accessories for the theater. Cinema or television, where they must adapt to characters and times.
Another professional alternative is to combine fashion design with the profession of seamstress. In which, also to designing the product, she is in charge of making it. taking measurements from clients, working with patterns and fabrics until the final finish.


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