How to Avoid a Street Fight

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Have you ever wondered about what you would do if you were ever to get in a street fight? You have loads of options – you can run away or get beaten up and contact a personal injury lawyer and other things that we will discuss in some time.

The thing about street fights is that these can start anywhere and at any time, which is why you might want to carry a contingency plan with you at all times, and we aren’t talking about air cannon – this is only useful for the movement of bulk materials – specifically designed for industrial uses.

Depending on the state where you live, you might be legally allowed to carry a self-defense weapon – but that might land you in trouble with the law as well, which is why it is important to play safe.

Here are some smart ways to avoid a street fight altogether.

Stay Alert

If you have moved into a new neighborhood or roam places that you have never been to before, then you have no other choice but to stay mentally alert and be conscious of your surroundings. That said, you cannot and should not walk with your headphones on.

If you do so, you won’t hear someone sneaking up behind you – you have to be watchful and be aware of your situation at all times. By staying alert, you will also know how to respond and which things to use as a potential self-defense weapon.

Even if it is a new neighborhood that you have never walked through before, you will want to stay alert to know what the best escape route is.

Calm Your Ego

Sometimes, it can be a matter of clashing egos, which is something that you might want to avoid at all costs. For instance, if someone provokes you, you might start to reason with them by telling them that you don’t want to fight them.

However, you might want to appear confident and strong in your voice and body language while you are at it. Potential bullies feed on the vulnerability of their potential victims, and you will want to ensure that you don’t give them anything to feed off.

Sometimes, the simplest way out of a potential brawl is to apologize for anything that might have offended the other person; however, while you are at it, make sure to maintain positive body language and a relaxed posture.

Fight for Your Life

If there is no other way to avoid the street fight anymore, then you have to fight for your life. However, since we are speaking about ways to avoid a fight, you have to find an escape route and try to run for your life. If this doesn’t work, you will have to take the first swing.

However, don’t overdo it – if you overdo and don’t learn to neutralize in time, you are more likely to end up in jail. That said, you must know when to stop. A crucial thing that can help you with this is to learn the art of street fighting – if you don’t, you will have to fight dirty.


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