How To Buy A House In The Dominican Republic


Millions of people around the world dream of the beaches of the Dominican Republic. And it is not strange that they decide to stay once they know the country. If this is your case, you may even have considered the possibility of buying a house there.

In this article you will find everything you need to know to buy your house in the Dominican Republic. From websites and real estate agencies where you can find properties for sale to the costs of this operation. Also the average prices and the step by step to complete the purchase.

In addition, you will be able to find out a very comfortable way to make the payment of the house saving money by exchanging your Euros.

How to make the payment to buy the house

If you do not want to pay more when buying your house in the Dominican Republic, you must carefully choose the way you pay for it. An international transfer from your Spanish bank account is going to have considerable expenses.

On the one hand, conventional banks charge high commissions for this type of movement. On the other hand, additional costs will be generated when changing your Euros to the local currency of destination.

This is because they do not usually do the currency conversion following the official exchange rate (the one that appears on Google), on the contrary, they use their own exchange rates, which carry a surcharge. This causes you to pay a hidden commission, even when the entity announces that it does not charge any fees.

Wise allows you to send dollars almost anywhere in the world using the real exchange rate you can see on Google for just a small, transparent fee.

At the moment there are no ideal solutions to send money to the Dominican Republic if you need to make a payment in pesos.

However, if the seller of the Beachfront property in Sosua allows you to make the payment in dollars, with Wise you can save a lot of money.

Real estate in the Dominican Republic

Going to a real estate agency is the best way to start your search. Especially if you do not know the market or have a contact to guide you. Also, choosing an agency with a good reputation reduces the possibility of falling into the hands of scammers. Either way, you must be vigilant and not send money from Spain before viewing the property.

Some well-known agencies are listed below:

Blue Caribbean Properties: is an agency located in Punta Cana, which lists properties for sale throughout the country. They have more than 30 years of experience in the real estate sector

Mr. Home: in its catalog you will find apartments, houses, villas and penthouses. They announce second-hand housing, new construction and projects

In Dominicana: This real estate agency lists homes in a wide price range, in different areas of the country. Some of them are penthouses and high-profile villas

Tropical Home Cruz: Have properties for sale in Santo Domingo and in the most touristic points of the Dominican Republic.

We have compiled this list for informational purposes. We do not have any kind of connection with the agencies that are cited, and we do not recommend any in particular. We are also not responsible for their behavior.


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