How To Buy Joinery Boards In Copenhagen


Both in the interior and in production, joinery boards are very popular, which you can buy in Copenhagen at Jacobsen Byg. But before making the final choice, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the main features of this product.

The plate is make from natural raw materials and line with veneer or plywood. This shield, which is make of solid wood, is an excellent replacement for MDF, chipboard, wood. It is make from natural materials – hardwood and coniferous wood. Reliable and pure material is suitable for those products where form stability and environmental friendliness are important. Plates are distinguishe by excellent performance characteristics and affordable cost. Our company offers to buy carpentry boards on the best terms.

Quality products are carefully controlled at all stages of production. The plate consists of three layers and resembles a sandwich. The inner layer is a glue board make of pine or other types of wood. The two outer sides are line with 0.2-0.3 cm thick veneer. Different types of veneer are also possible. These boards are highly durable. They contain a low content of formaldehyde. Natural wood slab perfectly withstands high deflection loads, which is suitable, for example, for library shelves. Block boards should be stored in close places. They must be place horizontally. Plates are produce in accordance with GOST 13715-78. A precisely manufactured slab does not require significant surface grinding.

In most cases, veneered block board is used for:

  • Furniture production;
  • Production of doors of any class (both budget and premium);
  • Creating wooden stairs;
  • Arrangement of wall partitions;
  • Production of wall panels;
  • Furniture production (a special furniture carpentry board is use);
  • Creating a unique interior design.
  • And this is not a complete list of areas of activity in which this product is use.

Plate features

The thickness of the material may vary. As a rule, it varies from 15 to 60 millimeters, depending on where exactly it will be use. From a constructive point of view, products are divide into three categories:

  • BR category. A wide range of slabs base on a block-and-rack shield is present here;
  • NR category. Here, each slab is create from a shield, the slats of which are not glue together;
  • SR category. In the shields of the plates, the slats are glue together.

It is also worth noting that the slabs can be line on one or both sides, or be completely devoid of it. The same applies to the surface – it is either sand on one or two sides, or not sand at all. Depending on the initial characteristics of the product, the price of blackboards can differ significantly from each other.

The regulatory requirements for blackboards are regulate by the relevant standard – GOST 13715-78. It says that the under layer and the outer layer should have the same grain direction, being perpendicular to the laths.

Various types of raw materials can be use in the production process. The most popular carpentry shield is make of pine. This material has good indicators of rigidity, with high-quality processing it is well protect from the negative effects of moisture. Laths, in accordance with the above standard, must be make of identical material.

Where to buy joiner’s boards in Copenhagen?

If you want to buy a Tømrer københavn shield on the most favorable terms, please contact us for help! Employees of Jacobsen Byg are always happy to choose the best building material based on personal preferences and financial capabilities.

Products available in the catalog fully comply with the requirements of the technical quality standard. You can buy material from us in any volume. We offer favorable terms of cooperation for wholesalers and regular customers.