How to Get a Permanent Residency Approval In Canada


Canada greatly appreciates the international workforce, which is why every year it offers programs and visas so you can study, work or make a new life in this country.

In this article we share the requirements to live in Canada, as well as some reasons that explain why it is one of the countries with the best academic and job opportunities. However, if you want to get permanent residency approval for other countries like Germany then you must have to learn German. Similarly for other countries. Well, read on to learn more about how to get permanent residency approval in Canada!

Why is living in Canada a great opportunity?

Canada has an excellent reputation as one of the best countries to settle in; It has a quality of life above the world average and this is due to two very important aspects: education and professional growth.

Education as the basis of development

From its founding in 1867, Canada was very clear that a well-educated population would be the basis of its economic and social growth. That is why it has concentrated all its efforts on achieving a high academic level, a benefit that is not exclusive to citizens. In fact, Canada is the fourth country that receives the most international students each year, with a figure close to 500,000 accepted applicants.

Just to put it in figures: Canada is among the top 10 places in the PISA Program as one of the best educational systems that exist, in addition to having 30 of the best universities on the planet. Best of all, most of them have attractive programs for international students. (If you want to know more about it, consult our Canada student visa Guide to Living in Canada).

Job opportunities for all

Despite the severe economic blow caused by the global pandemic, Canada remains one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate on the entire planet, and expects to receive around 400,000 foreign residents this year.

Unlike other countries that reinforce their borders, Canada is betting on a friendly immigration policy to keep its economy running, allowing thousands of international workers, mainly professionals, to have great opportunities and fulfill their dream of settling in their lands.

Employment administration in Canada is quite efficient; job opportunities are very well distributed through various programs so that international workers benefit from them and at the same time contribute to the economic growth of the country.

The best paid professions in Canada are currently aimed at the health and services sector (Medicine, Psychiatry, Marketing, and Engineering); however, not having a profession or career is not a limitation, since jobs in the construction, cleaning and customer service sectors are also very well paid.

Whether you have a profession or master a trade, to ensure your job success in Canada you must have a level of English that allows you to communicate clearly and assertively, but also with an official certification that supports your skills in the language. .

Canada is a great host with the international population

Canadian cities stand out for their cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere, where discrimination is a practically non-existent phenomenon and, on the contrary, a good neighbor policy is practiced that is very easy to appreciate anywhere you visit.

Whether for tourism, academic or work purposes. The international population has the same advantages. And opportunities as native citizens regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. Because what they really take into account is talent. Professional experience and the desire to study in Canada or work.

Undoubtedly, knowing all these advantages is a great motivation to pack a couple of suitcases. And embark on the adventure of starting a new life in Canada, but hey! There are still many things to discover so that this trip becomes a great experience. For example, the requirements to settle down. And not fail in the attempt. Let’s see them!


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