How to get your videos on YouTube


Once your videos are on the charts, use them in a powerful installation site.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes YouTube tick.

Even if you are an SEO and search engine, YouTube is perfect for you. I’ve been down this road a few times and the rules are very different. What works for text doesn’t work for video.

But the days when video seemed more like voodoo chants than actual science are quickly falling behind. Marketers like you are starting to realize that it’s easier to target your audience and traffic with video.

So let’s dive into the workings of the video editing game and see exactly what your videos are missing.

Search videos

You may not have known it, but Google has been showing videos in general search results for quite some time. For top keywords, this is a great way to get more content. But how exactly do they index those videos and what algorithms are they using?

First, comments and reviews will always have a big impact on your video ranking. We all know that Google is a fan of democracy and rewarding what other users value. But it is not always the key to success.

In addition, Google explains how the position of the pages and the links in them are important. It comes from distributing YouTube affiliate links, giving them to your website and others who want to upload your videos.

Youtube ranking system

Once you start talking about YouTube itself, it is very difficult to determine what works and what does not work for classification. Currently, YouTube, although it is Google’s replacement, still uses the title, description, and meta tags to determine search lists for the site. In addition to the main text on the page, it is also classified for overall classification, access flags, external links, sharing on the site, and comments.

The age of the video is a very important factor along with the number of views over time. In short, if you get traffic, your video, even one year old, will be higher than a new video with more information.

The future of YouTube series

Currently, the easiest way to rank well on Youtube to MP3 is to use all the above strategies and tie them into a simple SEO system. You need to get traffic to your video and you need to make sure that your description is very big.

But if you’re wondering why Google is lagging behind specifically with its video service, don’t worry. They have incorporated new technologies that enable watermarking of videos, on-screen text, and visual presentation of the video. Do you think so?

It effectively converts to a new spider that learns how to extract the text from the video and refer to it as part of the HTML displayed behind the video. But don’t get too excited just yet.

The technology is still in its infancy and may not be ready for many years. For now, try to include as many keywords as possible in your video description.

Watching YouTube videos has become an important part of our Internet life. With the emergence of many FLV download tools, more and more people want to download FLV and edit it in their own style. However, there is no software that can handle FLV editing. for what reason? YouTube videos are in FLV format, which is highly compressed unlike other video formats. One would think that it could not be corrected.

When editing, I want to convert to other video formats such as AVI or Mpeg first and restore after editing. Preparing for correction can seem like a complicated process. Also, key frames lost in FLV compression are not reproduced after conversion to other compression formats. Additional frames are sequential frames of FLV clips. Therefore, it is not wise to show such problems before doing FLV editing.

Things are different now, FLV models are available in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. However, Adobe Premiere cannot import FLV directly, so you need a plugin to help you import FLV.

First, you need to import your YouTube video file into Premiere.

Then you can drag them in order to edit, merge multiple YouTube video files into one, and edit YouTube video files together with other video files.

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