How to Safely Get Luscious Lashes with Latisse Eyelash Treatment


Luscious lashes are always in style, but some people are unfortunately stuck with far fewer eyelashes to show off.  Latisse Eyelash Treatment has become increasingly popular for those with sparse eyelash hairs: but how can you make sure you’re as safe as possible while using it?

These are the top things to keep in mind.

Make Sure to Apply Latisse Every Single Day

The most important thing you can do while using Latisse is to use it regularly every day at around the same time.  This will give you maximum absorption while also ensuring that you don’t have to deal with possibly forgetting because of a schedule change.  Make applying this part of your daily routine, so it’s natural and second nature to apply this as you go through your day.

Don’t Apply Extra If You Miss a Dose.

Although you may feel tempted to double up and use the second round of Latisse within the same day if you missed a dose: it’s better to wait and simply apply just one a day.  If you missed a day, that’s alright, but try to stick to the schedule and avoid missing too many days.  

Applying too much can lead to it dripping into your eyes, or down your face, because of the buildup: not to mention, you can only absorb so much at a time, so you’ll be wasting whatever Latisse you do use.  

Avoid Getting Any in Your Eyes

Unless you want to visit a to remove extra activated hair follicles on the inside of your waterline: it’s vital that you don’t get Latisse inside your eyelids.  Latisse eyelash treatment works the same way that Rogain does for men.  It stimulates the growth of hair in follicles that already exist.  Unfortunately, this means that if you drop it inside your eye, where we all have a few extra unactivated hair follicles, you could have to deal with hairs on the interior of your eyelid bothering your eyes.

Clean Away Any That Drips on Your Skin

For the same reason you should clean any that drips into your eye; you should be careful to stop and clean any areas where it touches your skin that you don’t want hair to grow.  Nobody wants a line of hair from the corners of their eyes because they accidentally kept dripping in the same spot.  Take the time to do this correctly so you can get results you’ll love.  

Make Sure Your Skin is Dry and Don’t Shower For Four Hours.

When you apply your Latisse eyelash treatment, take the time to let it dry completely, around two to four hours, before you shower or get in water.  You should also avoid applying this serum to your eyes while your skin is wet, since it’s harder to control where it spreads or goes if your entire face is a wet canvas.  

Latisse Can Work Like a Dream

If used correctly and consistently, Latisse can fix any eyelash issue.  Make sure to take your time and be patient: and avoid getting this serum anywhere you don’t want hair to grow.