How To Use TV Replay And Sports Broadcast Online At The Same Time

Male cameraman shooting basketball game at Arena Stozice, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Recently, there are many people who watch dramas again using smart TVs, but in the past, it was only possible to watch the replays through online sites. Also, watching sports broadcasts outdoors without a TV was mostly viewed on Internet sports broadcast sites. The characteristics of both core video services are that online-based relay sites have developed. And recently, an Internet site where you can watch TV replays and sports broadcast all in one place has been created. This is a strategy of an Internet relay site to secure a wide customer base while providing various video services. And the strategy of this online sports broadcasting site was successful, and the company achieved great growth. Now, many people watch dramas again on their smartphones and watch the live broadcast when the main sports game starts. It is convenient because you can watch all the videos in one place.

Although YouTube has achieved great success due to the growth of the Internet personal broadcasting market, there is a limit to watching live sports broadcasts and reruns of TV dramas due to copyright issues. For this reason, professional streaming sites that professionally provide videos such as dramas, movies, and animations or broadcast sports in real time have become popular. This is possible by investing a lot of capital to increase the server capacity and upload various replay content. Sports broadcasts transmit live video, but past movies and dramas require large-capacity storage in the site’s data server. So, unlike before, a professional relay site that provides various video services is a site where a lot of capital is invested in the server.

In addition, in order to strengthen the advantage of providing various videos, sports broadcast it provides a multi-channel simultaneous service so that you can watch and replay the TV at the same time. It provides users with a very high-quality service because they can watch all the videos they want at the same time on a split screen. So, if you spend a lot of time outdoors watching videos or if you like 스포츠중계 and watch past dramas and movies, try catching two rabbits at the same time using a multi-streaming site. Anyone can watch multiple videos in one place, so you can feel a high level of convenience.

How to watch NPB sports broadcasts in Japan Baseball

In Korea, there are various sports broadcasts, but among them, baseball broadcasts are the most popular. So, most of the KBO broadcasts of professional baseball can be watched through TV broadcasts in the institutional area. However, in reality, it is difficult to watch NPB broadcasting, which is Japanese professional baseball, on institutional broadcasting channels. Although the Japanese baseball broadcast market has the second largest professional baseball league in the world, it is difficult to watch in Korea. So, from a long time ago, people who were looking for Japanese baseball broadcasts got information in Japanese through Yahoo Japan. This is because Yahoo, the most popular portal site in Japan, is the platform that provides the most sports broadcast information. And until a few years ago, NPB relay BJ on Hktv25 in Korea even relayed it as a personal broadcast.

However, recently, due to copyright issues, all unlicensed sports broadcasts on Hktv25 have been stopped. Aiming at this niche market for one-night broadcasting, many online sports broadcasting sites have started broadcasting NPB in Japan. So, among many people who watch sports broadcasts, fans who are interested in NPB often use online broadcast channels. As such, the popularity of NPB has had a positive effect on the expansion of the baseball market as the base of sports broadcasting has expanded in Korea. This is because Japanese baseball is an advanced baseball league with a higher level than the Korean professional baseball KBO.

 NPB Broadcasting broadened the field of view of baseball fans who professionally watch baseball sports broadcasts, and it was an opportunity to learn a lot compared to domestic leagues. Now, you can watch all the broadcasts from spring demonstration games, regular seasons, and playoffs to online sports broadcast sites. And baseball fans that are constantly increasing their knowledge of baseball are looking for Japanese baseball broadcasts. Therefore, the popularity of NPB broadcasting is expected to continue to grow in the future. And no longer do domestic baseball fans visit Yahoo Japan to watch Japanese baseball broadcasts, and they can easily watch the games they want without having to struggle with Japanese translations.