How To Watch Sports Without Cable


Some people are reluctant to cut cable service for a good reason: sports. But not to worry, there are plenty of ways to watch your favorite game, whether it’s football or cricket, without the cable service.

Cable companies and TV networks have been in control of 해외스포츠중계 for years, and people worry they won’t be able to watch their favorite games and teams if they cut cable service. After all, the best way to watch sporting events is live, and that means cable companies and TV networks were previously the only way to watch your favorite team win. For example, American football. Huge contracts have been signed between the NFL and television networks like CBS, FOX and NBC to carry the games live, meaning some digital streaming companies can’t finance full rights packages. However, the world of TV is changing, just like sports. There are now plenty of options for sports fans who want to watch outside of traditional cable packages. Find out how to watch sports with streaming TV services below.

How to watch live sports

Streaming services give you a lot of freedom and flexibility, and there’s an incredible variety of options for watching sports. The option you choose will depend on whether you are a super fan of one or two sports, or if you like sports in general and watch all kinds of games. Let’s see how to follow some of the most popular options to help you watch live NFL, NBA and NHL games, as well as international football and other sports.

How to watch NFL games live

YouTube TV is great for watching NFL games, as well as other major league sports like Major League Baseball, hockey, basketball, and NCAA football. YouTube TV doesn’t show absolutely every NFL game, but it does have a better lineup than most services. It also includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, FS1, NBC Sports, MLB Network, Big Ten Network, SEC Network, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel and Motor Trend, among others.

How to watch MLB games live

Major League Baseball has a complicated licensing deal. Each team is associated with a different regional television network that broadcasts its games. To access live MLB games, you must live within that television network’s market. So when you sign up for a streaming service, make sure they have your team. To watch your favorite stolen bases, home runs, and doubles, your best bet may be Hulu+ Live TV or YouTube TV, each giving you access to about 20 local teams. FuboTV comes in second place, with ten teams at the time of this writing. But be sure to check the latest details and see which teams are covered before you sign up, because things change fast!

How to watch NHL games live

If you live in the United States or Canada, watching any of the NHL games live (domestic, local, or out of market) is a bit more complicated due to broadcast rights. Sling TV is a good solution for watching your local team. If you like to watch more hockey teams besides your local team, try NHL TV.

How to watch NBA games live

You can watch many live NBA games without cable service. Your local channel will broadcast the games, which you can catch with the help of an antenna, and ABC covers the NBA Finals. Does your favorite team reside in another state and you can’t watch the game on a local station? Two good options to not miss your favorite NBA team are ESPN+ and NBA TV. Or, if you’re a super basketball fan, you could stream from NBA League Pass, which gives you access to all the games that aren’t broadcast nationally or in your area. They also offer you the NBA Team Pass package, which gives you all the specific games of your favorite team.


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