Instagram Photography: Top Tips for Taking Shots With Just Your Phone

CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 27: A woman photographs a rainbow over Cardiff City centre on May 27, 2019 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

Making a great Instagram photograph Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia with your smartphone isn’t as easy as it appears!

 To help you build your own Instagram feed that will make people say “wow” (and get you more Instagram followers) we’ve created the ultimate guide to shooting and editing images for Instagram and other social media platforms – all using your smartphone!

Photographer and well-known Instagrammer Jordan Dyck is sharing the top secrets kept in the business of creating excellent Instagram images that you can immediately use:

Step 1: Configuring your phone

Before you start thinking about lighting, composition, and editing There are two aspects you must be aware of when working with the camera on your phone for the perfect Instagram photograph:

1. Under-expose Your Shot

Have you ever snapped an image of a bright sky only to find that a portion of it was over-exposed? Mobile phones are known to exaggerate portions of your photo naturally and result in areas that are over-exposed. But there’s a method to stop this from happening by under-exposing your photo. 

It’s preferential to take an image that is slightly under-exposed, which can be brightened by editing, rather than ruining the entire shot by excessive exposure.

To reduce the exposure of your photos use an iPhone Tap and hold the most bright area of your phone. This will lock in the focus and the exposure. Once you’ve done that you are able to move camera around to create the image you’d like. Ideal for product shots in the sunshine!

2. Keep HDR Off

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is difficult to achieve and could create a look that is like it’s not natural and is overdone. In essence, HDR uses a variety of different exposures for the same image and then combines them to create a single image, so you get a ton of detail. It’s simple, less is more when you’re trying to take good Instagram images.

Step 2: Capturing the Shot for a Good Instagram Photo

There are two main aspects to consider when taking the perfect picture Lighting and composition. If you have these skills perfect, dream-worthy Instagram pictures are certainly on the horizon.

1. Composition

The success of a composition depends on a single goal: the ability to draw your viewers to the subject of your photo , while capturing an experience or feeling. When you are composing an effective Instagram photograph there are some aspects to remember in order to transform your picture to “good” to “wow.”

Rule of Thirds:

The rule of Thirds is considered the gold standard of photography. It is achieved by aligning the subject with the literal guidelines, and then their intersection points shaped into squares to allow images to move from section to segment and generate energy and excitement.

The good news is that your phone comes with fantastic grid software that will do the job for you. All you have to do is activate”grid” or the “grid” setting in your phone’s settings for the camera. 

The blog babes A Beautiful Mess nailed it with this stunning hot air balloon that perfectly aligns on the grid.

TIP: If you’re facing an entrance, you should stand in the middle and spread your grid evenly to make an immediate impact. Be attentive to every aspect and change your subject matter along these lines or intersections to generate an interest and a variety that appeals to your viewers.

Create a Signature:

The ability to create a distinctive design to your Instagram feed is crucial in establishing yourself and achieving results on Instagram. When users visit your page you want them know what you are doing and what type of content they will receive from your account. Instead of dwelling on every Instagram image,

consider the future and organize your Instagram feed in general.

You can look at your Instagram feed by using Later on your smartphone or desktop so you can check how your images fit together. You can also re-arrange your photos should you need to!

Stick to a Palette:

If it’s a color scheme or a style pallet, choosing and adhering to a design that is suitable for your needs can make your Instagram photos stand out. An easy tip for Instagram is to pick an appropriate warm, cold or neutral palette that you can use on the Instagram feed. 

The neutral color palette is usually minimal and is ideal in fashion, lifestyle, and home-based brands.

Photos that are warm are typically taken by travel photographers however cold images are best seen by the landscape or nature photographers. Sugarfina excels in displaying a progressive color scheme that changes according to the seasons. It’s a seamless transition between the different styles they move between.

2. Lighting

It’s all too familiar to feel the heart-wrenching feeling you get when you snap an amazing Instagram photograph but then realize that you’ve totally over-exposed by the sun or that amazing photo was taken at the bar was not enough light to be worthy of being a photo on Instagram. Before you shoot be aware that if you take an unnaturally lit photo nothing will help it. Be aware of these suggestions while planning your shoot

Use Natural Light:

If you’re shooting with an iPhone you can capture amazing photographs when there’s sufficient lighting. If you’re shooting indoors be near a window and keep clear of any artificial light sources that might make your photos yellow.

Shoot at The Right Time:

Planned photography during dusk or dawn will create subtle shadows and bright contrasts. And there’s nothing more essential to take an excellent Instagram photograph than the perfect lighting! Similar benefits is true for golden hour, in which your subject is backlit and produce a stunning results. Also, it saves time when editing, as the one you observe in this stunning Madewell glow.

Cloudy against. Sunny:

Our tip? Accept the gray skies and open your arms. These days of cloudy skies are excellent to shoot on, since the light is spread out across the entire scene and allows you to add many things to the image when you post-process the image. Also, these are the ideal time to shoot selfies!

A Few of Our Favorite Instagram Photo Types

This is an illustration of the best way you can edit and compose stunning Instagram photos to promote your business, using iconic Instagram photos:

For Foodies: The Top-Down Foodie Flatlay

How to make the perfect food shot that is mouthwateringly delicious.

Find a place that can be photographed.

Seek out wooden tables or marble slabs, and anything else that can be used as a basic, yet well-textured backdrop for your meal. Be sure to find an area by the window to enjoy the sunlight!

The image captures the grain of the table’s wood

using their useful iPhone.

Increase: Exposure, Contrast & Sharpness.

Invoking these editing techniques by a tiny amount will give the flavor of your food. However, be cautious not to go overboard! Just a couple of steps and you’ll be golden.

You can add a fade that can bring the photos together to create that instant WOW.

For the Blogger: The Wall Backdrop

If you’re determined to create eye-catching Instagram images, begin mapping out the cool walls in your town for the ultimate photo-friendly experience (and the most engagement). Studio DIY’s Wall Crawl is a great starting point.

Focus your attention: place your head straight into the middle of the frame (remember that rule of threes) while letting the walls work for you! 

Your fashion blog has just reached another kind of cool.

Make the wall pop by editing it by making the wall pop by removing it from the background with just a slight increase in intensity, and then play with the temperature until you find the ideal match.

For the Traveller: Little Human, Big World

If you’re looking ( Buy Instagram followers ) to create amazing Instagram images in the wild then you must explore the entire landscape.¬†Explore awe-inspiring mountains and scenic spots that nobody had ever heard of.¬†Flight Centre Australia worked with influencers from all over the globe for their #OpenMyWorld campaign. They took stunning photos which left us all with a serious urge to travel.

Choose a broad background

Explore National Parks, explore daisy fields, and go out in the golden hour. No matter where you go look for a backdrop large enough to allow you to dive into the nature.

Make sure you are in the central point

A wide-open landscape is gorgeous however, adding a tiny human silhouette in the distance helps your viewers imagine being there. Instant like alert.

Step 3: Post-Production & Editing Techniques

You’ve got a fantastic image But how do you transform it into a stunning Instagram image? With all the editing tools available, it’s difficult to decide which one to use! Here are a few of our most popular Instagram photo editing applications, as well as some useful tips to get your editing process off to a good start:

How to Use the Best Editing Apps for Mobile Photography

VSCO A stylish and simple to use application that should be used by every serious Instagrammer. It has beautiful and simple one-tap presets, we recommend selecting a favorite set of filters and then adjusting the filter’s strength from 4 to find the ideal style to match your brand. If you’re trying to make your feed more consistent, going to an identical filter set of filters is an effective method to ensure that all your Instagram images blend. 

There’s a really awesome community as well.

Snapseed is the ultimate fine tuning tool; Snapseed is an all-purpose photo editor that is perfect for image improvements and adjustments. It is a great app to crop or rotate, straighten, and change your perspective before sending your photo to Instagram. Snapseed also comes with features that you can’t get on other applications. Adjust to alter the “ambiance” of your photo for a more sombre or more soft look, or make use of brushes to enhance or darken particular areas of your photo. Additionally,

you can use the helpful healing tool to take any imperfections or individuals who might have strayed into your photo.

A Color Story If you like bright whites and vibrant colors This is the app for you! Every filter was designed by keeping color in the forefront as well the “Disco Ball” filter will instantly erase shadows and transform your whites look super white making them perfect for professional photos. You can also tweak your photos using their unique editor tool, S-curve.

TouchRetouch – Eliminate any undesirable imperfections and objects off your photos without difficulty. Make use of the brush or lasso tool to select the object that you want to get rid of,

and let the application replace that selection with the background image. Ideal for those annoying sun flares!

Of course, Instagram: Instagram’s own photo editing software has grown drastically over the years, and we strongly suggest adding it to your editing options. Increase the “lux” a bit for an instant increase in your photo’s quality and then utilize the app’s software to add some finishing effects on your contrast, brightness, or temperature.

Final Tips for Editing Instagram Photos on Your Phone

Remember that a bit can go a long way when it comes to creating an excellent Instagram image. When Instagram first began to gain popularity it was a bit more crazy with filters (thank the automated Bokeh). Edit your photo to the final stage, then step back in a literal sense. Re-visit your photo afterward to see whether you’ve edited too much.

 If you’re using a filter make sure you keep it simple and reduce the scale to a 3-6 level of intensity.

With all the options available it’s easy to go overboard with it when editing photos. If you’re just beginning stay buymalaysianfollowers with the three golden rules of brightness, contrast and saturation. Switch between original and edited versions to ensure you get the perfect match for your photos.


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