International Federation of Associated Football,


More , the responsibility of fathers and mothers,

Educators, coaches, federation leaders, sports clubs and public officials is decisive. When it comes to establishing a continued commitment to fair play in sport. Refusing to cheat in it and to attack in any way to the opponent. Only in this way will the ethical conviction take root that winning. At any price is as unacceptable in sport as it is in social life.

There is also a broad agreement,

Among experts from different disciplines who have studied the phenomenon. Of violence in sport when pointing out that its manifestations cannot be understand. As explosions of irrationality. Nor as simple deviant individual behaviors. Which find expression through the masking anonymity of a mass act. For this reason, the constitutional values ​​that we have collected. With so much effort in the Constitution and developed in our country. Must be defend and respected, in this area as well. As a large part of the norm that allows peaceful coexistence among citizens. Since the eradication of this type of violent behavior in 해외축구중계사이트 is. One of the most effective antidotes against any other. Type of fanaticism and intellectual intolerance of diversity.

Yet, to promote this perspective,

must to remove any obstacle, whether legal or practical, that discriminates. Against the practice of sports by immigrants and their families in associations, clubs. Federations and municipal sports schools, as well as access to any sports. Facility in the same conditions as the rest of the population.
Favoring diversity in sport and social respect for that diversity of ethnic groups. Accents, origins, creeds or sexual orientations is an intelligent way. Of avoring political and social pluralism.Alson, it enables many people. To better understand the reasons why pluralism is one of the highest values. ​​OAf the legal system of our democratic Constitution.

Each year, the group offers a 6-week review for these top candidates.

This test is perform by a PBUC specialist. In the final evaluation phase, which will take place at the end of March. he richest 5-10% of each school will be select. Candidates who pass the final stage of the exam can enter the Minor League and earn an A grade. Thus, the preparation of the jury depends on you and your experience. If you need further help, you can watch the referee training video. At the same time, a monthly salary of only $ 12,000 per quarter is difficult. Your PBUC will be assess by a specialist and your level will improve. You pay more when you go from A to AA.

The judge has solid experience

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