iPhone 13 Pro gets camera update and new display


It will take months for Apple to introduce the iPhone 13 series or iPhone 12s models, but there are some details that we know about these new models. The iPhone 13 Pro will have a larger screen and a better camera setup. Apple could also consider Tou as an option.

This design was updated last year. The straight edges and flat sides are likely to be a hallmark of the new models in 2021. Apple will likely reduce the controversial notch which made its debut with the iPhone X last year.

Another rumor claims that Apple will offer at least one model with a significant design change. One iPhone 13 model would not be portable and thus have no Lightning connection. The Apple MagSafe accessory is the only way to wireless charge your iPhone.

In collaboration with LetsGoDigital, Technizo Concept created a series 3D product renders of all the rumors about the iPhone 13 Pro. Technizo Concept created the video below to help you visualize this Apple smartphone.Display your ID below this year More.

OLED display renewed

New iPhone models will likely have the same screen size this year as last year. This means that the Pro model will have a 6.1-inch screen. The screen size is the same, but Apple appears to be planning to update and improve it on several points.

There has been much talk about the possibility of integrating an “Always on display”. This function, which means that the screen is always on, has been highly praised by Android users for many years. Apple uses the energy-efficient Always on display since its Watch Series 5 smartwatches.

Now, it seems that the new iPhone 13 Pro models will also have this function.

Currently, iPhones support 60Hz refresh rate.

Many Android smartphones support 90Hz and even 120Hz. This is the number of times that the screen is refreshed every second. A screen that has a higher refresh rate (in Hertz) will provide a better scrolling experience. 

This screen is also great for watching videos or playing mobile games. ProMotion screens with 120 Hertz adaptive refresh rates will likely be included on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

It’s an LTPO OLED display (low-temperature, polycrystalline oxide) that will be manufactured in Samsung, According to the Elec report at the start of this year. An LTPO OLED display is more efficient than an LTPS version

. Another benefit is that LTPO displays can be set to an adaptive refresh rate. This means that the refresh rate will automatically adjust based on which app you’re using.Poodle German Shepherd Mix

This display technology

was used by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 20 UHT last year and the Galaxy S21 UHT recently launched. Apple has also used LTPO panels in the past, but they have not been applied to a smartphone. The Watch 4 also had such a screen. 

Two iPhone 13 Pro models will be the first Apple phones to feature an LTPO OLED screen.

Apple may also be planning to integrate the Touch ID sensor underneath the screen. This sensor was previously integrated into the iPhone’s home button in earlier iPhone models. It was removed with the iPhone X. Apple’s Face ID was the main focus after that.

 The iPhone 13 Pro model may have Touch ID again. This sensor will be located under the screen.

Apple could also choose a similar solution to the one it used last year for the iPad Pro. The tablet has Touch ID at the power button, as we’ve seen with other mid-range Android smartphones.

The new iPhone 2021 models will be equipped with the 5nm A15 Bionic CPU. This chip will enable WiFi 6th and 5G support. Jon Prosser, an Apple expert, recently reported on Youtube that both Pro models will be equipped with 1 Terabytes of memory. There will be cheaper models available with less memory, it is certain.

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