Is it Important to Look at the Weight Limit of the Hoverboard?


All vehicles must comply with weight restrictions to ensure the safety of their occupants and reliable vehicle performance. While it’s easy to squeeze a person or two into a car, it’s not possible with a hoverboard.

Hoverboards are fun to ride and are designed to reduce the amount of effort required to travel short distances. However, it is specifically designed for use by one person and cannot be used by more than one person for safety reasons. Ignoring these limitations can cause your hoverboard to crash or malfunction suddenly.

How important are surfboard weight limits?

Maximum weight limits are crucial for self-balancing hoverboards, especially since their mobility doesn’t offer much of a bonus due to a lack of user control. The light weight ensures easy manoeuvrability without injuring yourself or the hoverboard. If you exceed the maximum weight limit of six kilograms, you are unknowingly putting your life and your hoverboard at risk.

In this article, we will share three consequences of overusing your hoverboard.

Frame damage;

The body of the hoverboard is generally durable and can withstand light impact on various surfaces. However, it can become damaged over time and break due to overload. If the frame bends, it will also affect the health of the hoverboard’s electronics. This can cause performance issues that lead to hardware errors.

Mobile damage;

In addition to the internal electronics, the wheels, axles and brackets also become damaged over time. Although these components are designed to last for hours, the force exerted by a vertical spring can cause loose connections. It is very dangerous to ride a damaged hoverboard. This can increase the risk of accidents on the road. This can cause accidental injury and serious damage to the hoverboard.

Engine damaged;

Your hoverboard’s motor is powerful enough to carry a small child or an average adult a short distance. Although hoverboard motors are built to last for years, that doesn’t mean they can handle heavy loads over long distances. Remember that your hoverboard is not designed to carry heavy objects. Although you can carry a light backpack while riding, carrying a heavy load on your hoverboard is not recommended.

The more you overload the hoverboard motor, the more likely it is to catch fire and overheat. In addition to possible breakage during use, increased heat can cause irreparable damage. This may require replacing the motor or purchasing a new hoverboard.


Hoverboards are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Although UK legislation is still in the early stages of accepting hoverboards as an alternative to daily commuting, interest in these products is likely to increase over time.

Hoverboards have a weight limit to ensure the device works properly without endangering its user. As different brands have their own designs, each hoverboard has its own weight limit precautions. When buying a hoverboard, be sure to buy a suitable model that suits your weight to avoid the above inconveniences.

Finding the right hoverboard is essential to avoid accidents while using it. At Electric Future UK we offer a wide range of products including electric hoverboards. Browse our online catalogue to shop all types of electric mobility gear for your personal and commuting needs.


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