It is important to breed strong, healthy birds


It is important to breed strong, healthy birds that can fly well to achieve good breeding results. A healthy bird is able to sit correctly on its perch, has a good posture and is alert. A good investment is an Avian veterinarian exam. If there are doubts, you can get many laboratory pathology tests. 

There are pathogens and diseases that cannot be tested so it is important to take care of your bird. Birds That Talk  A veterinarian must check a bird if it fails to pass. The bird should be kept in strict quarantine according to the instructions of the veterinarian.

The Macaws are now raised in suspended

cages, which restrict their ability to fly. However, if they are moved to a typical “parrot-style” aviary that is 3-4 metres long, their muscle tone will quickly return and their overall fitness levels will increase. The general rule of thumb is that the parents birds will have a better chance of raising healthy young if they are fitter at the beginning of the breeding season.

It can take the larger Macaws

up to five years to reach sexual maturity. They may live longer than 50 years. It may take the smaller species 3-4 years to reach sexual maturity. 

The bird’s sexual maturity does NOT mean that it is ready to breed. A pair of birds may not be able to start breeding immediately after they have laid eggs. It can take several years for a pair to learn the skills necessary to raise a successful nest.

The privacy of pairs in their first

year or second year of raising their young may be more important for them than that of experienced couples. Inexperienced birds may be upset by too many inspections, which can lead to poor results or even loss of their clutch. 

You can buy small video cameras or “spy”, which can be linked to a monitor or television, for 24 hours of uninterrupted view of the interior of the nestbox. The best quality colour cameras can also record sound and infrared. The camera can be used to see and hear the nest in low light. Some systems use wireless video transmission. The receiver is connected to the box’s top lid.

Nest box The nesting boxes of breeding

pairs must be strong enough to withstand their destructive nature. Many large wood wine barrels can be used. These barrels are usually made from strong oak and reinforced with metal bands. 

A removable lid can be used to replace the barrel’s top. These nests, unlike most parrot nests which are hung on an aviary wall for safety reasons, may need to be placed on a sturdy platform. The nest boxes that are attached externally to the cage require special attention. More

A macaw can chew through timber

logs or nest boxes and easily escape. A strong wire mesh externally can be attached to the nest box’s outer walls. This will ensure that the young and parents are unable to escape the nestbox if the nest wall becomes compromised.

For other parrots, the nest box entry hole is usually circular. Macaws have square nest box entry holes.A nest should have nest material that is about 100mm thick. You can add more nest material if the birds decide to remove it.

A strong ladder (10 gauge wire mesh works well)

is required to be installed inside the nest box. This will allow birds to climb to the nest floor instead of jumping. If nest boxes or logs are located in a vertical, or close to vertical position, the internal ladder is necessary. 

The ladder allows birds to safely and easily exit the nest. A ladder is not necessary for nests that are placed horizontally or near horizontally.The macaws have successfully bred from tall hollow logs made of natural wood that are too heavy for them to hang from a roof or wall.

Wild macaws nest in hollows

in trees, and often the trunks of trees. The tree trunk or thick hollow branch provides natural insulation against heat and cold, and the decomposed timber material is the perfect nest materials for the eggs to be laid. The natural tree nests help maintain a high humidity level. They are able to absorb excess moisture and release it if it dries out. Bluebird Meaning  

 A thick piece of timber can be used to build the nest if a large log cannot be found. A large, hardwood timber nest box can be a great investment in a happy pair. A spare nest with the same dimensions and design as the other nest is always handy. You can also have spare hardwood timber panels in case you need to fix a damaged nest wall.

Under cover, nest boxes

logs should not be lower than the aviary. Many prefer that the nest box opening is in a darker or shaded area of the aviary, which provides privacy. Each end should have at least one perch. One perch should be near the nest, and the other should be approximately the same height as its opening.

 The nest opening closest to the perch is the most used perch during breeding season. To protect the nest, the nest opening and the offspring, the cock bird will choose the nearest perch. Suspended cages are the same as perch arrangements.


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