Lawn Mower Guide – Prepare Your Lawn Mower for the Season


    When spring comes and we bring in the lawn mower again, there are a few things we need to check before turning on the mower.

    Use fresh gas. If you forgot to empty your gas tank last fall, you need to change your gas. Gas older than a month loses some energy and can cause carb and engine problems.

    Change engine oil. Locate the drain plug and drain the oil into a container,

     Replacing it with clean SAE-30 engine oil. Check your owner’s manual for oil recommendations. The oil must be changed at least once a year.

    Replace the spark plug. You can take old spark plugs to your local gas station or service store, or check the type and gap information in the manual. A new spark plug is cheap and will save you a lot of problems later on.

    Check the air filter. Cover the filter on a flat surface or clean it carefully with compressed air.

     If the filter is very dirty, it must be replaced. Only foam filters should be cleaned with water.

    Look at the blade. Is this madness? Is it broken or twisted? In that case, replace the blades. Dull blades can be sharpened with a file or grinder, but never try to do this on a lawn mower service near me. Some blades are dual and rotating, but many need to be replaced or sharpened.

    Check your seat belt. If your lawn mower has a drive belt,

     Check it for wear and tension. If the tension is good, you can move the belt about half an inch to the side with one finger.

    Clean the scissors. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug to prevent the engine from starting. Using water and a soft brush, carefully clean the outside of the clipper around the motor.

    With the carb facing up, turn the lawn mower 90 degrees sideways to clean the inside of the deck, using a wooden stick to make heavy hay.

    You need a garage with a good workbench and desk, and even better,

     if you have a truck or truck, you can advertise mobile repairs. Hourly rates at auto repair shops are even higher because customers are relieved of the responsibility of towing their dirty lawnmowers behind their new SUV.

    The best way to advertise your business is to get your family involved by handing out flyers around the area, advertising on your cell phone and advertising in your local grocery store.

    Since this is a seasonal business, it’s important to keep customers,

     if you can, try to offer them extras like free oil changes or lawnmower rentals while they’re at it. Such additions and friendly attitude will keep them coming back year after year.

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