Learning To Record Music

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If you want to compose your own songs, you should learn how to record your creations. To do this, you need the following: appropriate equipment, information about the process itself and, of course, time to learn how to do everything, as in EKmixmaster studio. According to the Internet, making music at home is not that expensive these days, and it’s not that hard either. So, what do you need to know before you start the actual process of producing your music?

First, what is the very concept of producing music? It is nothing but its creation. That is, the writing of words, melodies, arrangements, and the like. Unlike composers of the past, modern producers do not use notes in a music book, but create their works on a computer. This method allows you to use almost any tools, more precisely, their electronic imitation using special programs.

So, you have ideas for a new song. You can use various software instruments or audio loops for recording. These are ready-made beats, melodic lines and even whole parts of the song. Collect them in a computer program – and here’s a new song for you. What you have collected, that is, recorded, almost always requires editing. In its process, existing errors are identified and eliminated. And they will, you can be sure, especially at the beginning of your career as a music producer. Your task is to correctly evaluate the already recorded music and identify mistakes made during recording in time. If you decide that this step can be ignored, you may be in for a very unpleasant surprise later. There are many articles on producing on the Internet, including

the most common recording errors. If you are not too lazy and find such a guide, you can avoid many troubles in the future.

Once everything is in order, it’s time to mix. That is, the alignment of all audio signals so as to obtain the desired sound. By the way, if you are still too lazy and missed the stage of editing your audio recording, all your flaws will come out and simply will not give you the opportunity to make the track sound of high quality. A technical mixing guide can also be found online. Experienced producers will tell you where the vocals, bass, drums and other audio tracks should be located so that the whole mix sounds like a single whole. Well, the final stage of creating a song is mastering. If you can, in principle, mix by yourself, then for mastering it is better to give your work to professionals online mixing mastering services.

What equipment do you need for all of the above? In addition to a computer and an audio program (DAW), you will have to get a microphone, as well as special monitors with which you will control the sound. You may need a metronome. This is the case if you play an instrument and want to record it live, and not by imitating a computer program.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the soundproofing of the room in which you work. There are many ways to muffle sounds so they don’t bounce off walls like balls. They differ in the materials used, plug technology and, accordingly, in cost. You choose which of the methods is most accessible to you.


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