Men’s Long Overcoats

men’s long overcoats

Men’s long overcoats are one of the clothing that has remained functional and almost unchanged for over one hundred years. The importance of men’s long overcoat can be traced to the Telokin coat Thomas Burberry, specially designed for British officers in the Boer war.

Despite the lasting legacy of today, only a few men are seen in men’s long overcoats. But for some, men’slong overcoats are versatile closet products, and they search for a good or best wardrobe investment. There are a lot of benefits to wore men’s long overcoat they are also mentioned in this article

Style or type of men’s long overcoat

In the current time, there are much more men’s long overcoat fabrics to choose from, and here are some of those fabrics.

Clothing of cotton

In today’s time, mostly this men’s long overcoat is made using cotton fabrics that are densely woven with poplin and twill weaves. Talking about cotton, it is very durable and if it is treated, it can also be water-resistant. Cotton trench coats are also a little expensive compared to other clothing such as wool.

Item of leather

A leather men’s long overcoat is a modern variation coat. It is much warmer or heavier than cotton. Compared to other clothing, leather is very easier to clean and it can repel dirt.

Wool gabardine item

Early men’s long overcoat is made of wool gabardine clothing. This clothing can repel water and be much stronger. Nowadays, wool gabardine is commonly used on high-end or customized men’s long coats.

Normally the common colour of men’s long overcoats is khaki, but nowadays, there are also men’s long overcoats which are in such colours as black, blue, and even patterned ones. Aside from several colours, men’s long overcoats come in several styles or sizes as well. There are few of the most normal styles of men’s long overcoats.

DoubleBreasted Front Style Item

This item is classic or stylish of a men’s long overcoat and this coat has six to ten buttons because this is depending on its length. There is also a single-breasted long overcoat but for men, double-breasted is a very comfy style. The single-breasted ones are perfect for petite men.

Raglan Sleeves Coats: Men’s long overcoats with raglan sleeves are comfy or snug to wear even with multiple layers of fabric. It is because its sleeves are very comfortable compared to normal sleeves jacket or coat.

Epaulet’s jacket or coats

There are also men’s long overcoats with epaulets or shoulder tabs. These also allowed the officers to tie their rank insignia to the men’s long overcoat without damaging it.


It’s amazing to understand that the fashionable men’s long overcoats are also worn by men in current days. This coat or jacket are worn by first officers and soldiers years ago. Its heritage and usefulness made it an essential item or variety in the present time, not just for officers but for businesspeople and ordinary men as well.


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