MLB and Apple reach a broadcast agreement for the season


The MLB begins to carry out marketing movements that could be interesting for the coming years. And this time they reached an agreement with the great telephone company, Apple, for the transmission of two games on Fridays.

In what seemed like a normal announcement about a new edition of Apple’s smart phone. It also brought news of a deal with MLB.

Major League Baseball will take over streaming. And this could cause a new audience to join the best baseball in the world.

Although it far from resembles the phenomenon that Formula 1 achieved with Netflix. It can be a very interesting first step.

This sport is consolidated not only by its wide presence. previously allude to, but also by the prefer position it has in the information grids. Only on two occasions football is not the sport that opens the new. Although the football news will agglutinate more time, also in these cases. Next, let’s see how each channel treats the sporting event for which it owns the broadcasting rights. And the informative comparison of that same event. According to the treatment offered by the rest of the channels. In the Hierarchy section, the order of appearance of the news with respect to the total information is note. Although the number of sports disciplines appearing in each newscast was previously comment on. This amount is not equivalent to the number of news items include in the newscast. Since the same sport can monopolize various news items.

In addition, these three channels are the audience leaders

according to data from the company Kantar Media, also endorsed by the latest waves of the EGM in which Telecinco. And Antennas 3 alternate in the first two positions while La 1 occupies the third position. Leaving this triumvirate very distant from the rest of the channels. More than 180 minutes, 92 informative pieces of various kinds, have been record in the study. The selected weekend news programs correspond.

The choice of this time period is condition because it coincides

With the retransmission of different sporting events exclusively for each of the three channels studied. two Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship (Atresmedia), Lira BBVA and Moto World Championship (Mediated), two cycling events, a tennis Master 1000 and the Paralympics Games (RTVE). Once the data on the broadcast of the week nba중계 news for this period (a total of 24 news) had been compile. The fieldwork file was create to subtract the data for later analysis. In the first part, basic information is record

: Sporting event and Date, to find out which sporting event has take place before or on the same day of the broadcast, and Ownership of the broadcasting rights, which channel has the exclusive rights of the broadcast. Emission of said event. Together with the mentioned items, we would also have the Date of issue of the news about said sporting event; Hierarchy, the position of the news broadcast compare to the rest of the broadcast news or the Duration. Know how much time has been devote to the news. 5. Results Below are some of the results obtain in this research work. That is limited to the week sports news in the access prime-time of the television networks.


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