Mobile Phone Repair Southend On Sea Will Fix Your Water-Damaged iPhone


It is a fact that water and your iPhone are not best friends with each other. They hate each other and try their best to ruin each other. I know your heart sinks when you see your phone in a water tub, swimming pool, or washroom toilet. This is one of the most heartbreaking moments for you, right? Well, this is also a panic situation because people are afraid of purchasing expensive mobile phones. But now you can recover your water-damaged iPhone with the help of a mobile phone repair shop in Southend On Sea; how? Let’s explore all possible solutions in detail. 

Check Whether Your iPhone is Waterproof.

If your phone is a new brand and you have recently bought the new device because it is water-resistant. It means you can bear a few drops of water on its screen. Also, you can return it if you spill water on your phone. According to the experts at the mobile phone repair shop in Southend On Sea, iPhones and various electronic gadgets have two IP ratings which explain how your product is waterproof. However, these IP ratings start from IP-67 and IP-68. But now, new iPhone series like 12, 13, and 14 have IP-68, and they can easily survive for 30 minutes in two meters of water. Your device is not invincible, and you should take your device out of the water. 

Turn Off Your Wet Phone

Don’t worry if you drop your phone into the water; you can take it out on an immediate basis and turn it off. This process will save your device, and you can quickly recover it after spending a few hours with it and turning it out when the water is dry. If your phone is automatically turned off after slipping into the water, you don’t need to be worried and don’t try to turn it on because it will damage your device. But if your phone is still on, you can turn it off by pressing the volume button. People, in many cases, experience the situation when their device is in airplane mode and they don’t get a notification for the next 48 hours. This process also saves their device. 

Should You Dry Your Phone With Uncooked Rice?

This is an essential, easy, and life-saving treatment method where you don’t have to spend a single penny, and your device is ready to use again. The experts at Gadget Magic UK claim this is one of the easiest ways to treat your phone after spilling it into water. You must pick a pack of dry or uncooked rice bags and put your phone in it for 5-6 hours. Now, rice will consume considerable water from your iPhone, and you can switch on your device after 24 hours.

Use Silica Gel

The experts at the Mobile Phone Repair Service suggest their customers use silica gel because it is the secondary but most important treatment as rice. The main advantage of silica gel is removing dust and dirt from your phone. Also, it does not allow dirt and dust into the phone. All you have to do is keep your phone in the silica gel bag and leave it for 24 hours. 

Wrapping It Up

Don’t you get the relevant results by applying the above mentioned methods? Don’t worry; the experts at the mobile phone repair in Southend On Sea got you covered. You will get the chance to repair your device from well-experienced and qualified technicians. Interestingly, you can get their premium service with authentic spare parts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use My Water-Damage Phone Again?

Yes, you can use your water-damaged phone after completing its repair. You should avoid using your phone right after removing it from the water because it can also damage other parts of the mobile phone.  

How Much Time It Does Take to Repair the Water-damaged Device?

It depends on the damage because sometimes it takes only a day to repair your water damaged device, but if you hire a professional technician it will take only 3-4 hours to repair it. 

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