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The sports valley block is the latest residential and commercial plot of the Blue World City. The purpose of developing the block is to offer residents a health and sports-oriented housing society in the city. The addition of this block will increase the project’s overall value as the name indicates that the block will offer the best facilities and amenities to sports enthusiasts. After the Blue World City Sports Valley Block development, residents will see high-end sports activities that they had never seen before. So, in this article, we will discuss what this block will offer the citizens. Let’s discuss this in detail:

Blue World City Sports Valley Block

The sports valley block of the Blue World City is designed to promote sports activities in the country. The venture will boost a healthy environment to promote tourism and sports in the country. There will be the largest cricket stadium in the sports valley to promote sports activities in the country. The best thing about the stadium is that it features a 55,000-spectator holding capacity, unlike any other stadium in the country. 

In addition to the cricket stadium, there will be other mega world-class attractions for the residents and tourists. We will explain all the attractions in detail later in the article. Now let’s move toward the developers and owners.

Developers and Owners

As we already know a lot about the Blue Group of Companies and Imperium Group of companies, the blue world city sports valley developers are also the same. They have developed the sports valley in the BWC not only for commercial purposes but also for residential purposes. It means that there is a chance for the investors to book their desired plot in the block and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. 

We also know that the developers are well-known and have a worldwide reputation. They are known for providing state-of-the-art infrastructure in the country. In addition, all their projects have the vision of promoting tourism in the country. So, this time with the addition of the sports valley block, they 

Location of the Block

Sports Valley location is in Blue World City. It is ideally present in the city’s prime location with the easiest accessibility to major landmarks. All the amazing tourist attractions are near the sports valley block. It means those buying the space near the sports valley can enjoy all these amenities. In addition, it is also sure that after the complete development of these structures, the project’s overall value will increase in the future. 

Blue World City Sports Valley Facilities

The best thing about the Blue World City Sports Valley Block is that it has the best and most amazing facilities. Not only the facilities required for everyday life but the facilities that offer a luxury lifestyle. In addition, the most prominent attractions, such as Villaggio mall, torch hotel, and the largest cricket ground, are the highlights of this block. Have you ever imagined enjoying these facilities just next to your residence? Just next to the place where you live without buying a ticket or waiting for a visa? So, it is the beauty of the Blue World City and its sports valley.

Villaggio Mall

Villaggio mall is a well-known shopping mall in Doha, Qatar. It is the best tourist attraction in the country, and many tourists from all over the world visit this destination. So, due to its high demand worldwide, the developers of the Blue World City have decided to build a replica of this mall in the sports valley. It means that people from all over the country and tourists will visit this valley, improving the economic conditions and promoting tourism. 

Torch Hotel

Torch Hotel is also in Doha, with all the premium and world-class amenities. Here you will get all you can imagine. State-of-the-art infrastructure and high-end facilities are the remarkable highlights of the Torch Hotel in Blue World City Sports Valley Block.  

Largest Cricket Stadium 

Blue World City Sports Valley Block will feature Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium. The management is attempting to build a sports arena in this block. It will be the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan and hold about 55,000 spectators. BWC is constructing a cutting-edge cricket stadium for Pakistan’s sports-mad populace. The stadium offers more than just cricket-related amenities and entertainment. The management will utilize the stadium for a variety of activities.

The Commercial Hubs

In addition to offering top-notch infrastructure, BWC is finishing up the building of Commercial Hubs in this block. This magnificent structure will also have entertainment centers, joy lands, and numerous other family activity centers.

Open-Air Sports Centers

The Sports Valley will also have parks and recreation areas. Modern outdoor gyms will be located in these parks. You can get an advantage from all of these conveniences for the rest of your life once you begin to stay in this wonderful residential area.

NOC Updates

No one needs to worry about the blue world city sports valley NOC because the RDA approves it. Rawalpindi Development Authority has finalized the Blue World City Sports Valley Block NOC, and it is now open for investment. So, invest in one of the most demanding blocks of the Blue World City. In addition, Rudn Enclave is also a good option from an investment point of view. 


The article covers all about the Blue World City Sports Valley Block. We have discussed what this block will offer to the general public and investors. Not only are the developers and location the main thing to invest in this block, but also the facilities and amenities are the main reasons to invest in this block. So, invest in this housing society without delay and secure your future.


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