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Modafinil and armodafinil are two of the most renowned nootropics on the market. These
medications can be found under the brands names Provigil (modafinil) and Nuvigil (armodafinil). UK
branded nootropics have become widely popular among people of all ages because they are
versatile and easy to use. They have various benefits and function to help you feel more alert,
wakeful and “smarter” as a result of their cognitive boosting performance.
Nootropics are relatively new to the pharmaceutical industry, but they have been showing promise
ever since their introduction to the market. For those who are looking for cheaper alternatives to UK
brand nootropics, there are also generic versions of these medications available. These can be found
under various trade names, but they all contain the very same active ingredient as their branded
counterparts. As a result, they function exactly as the original medicines do, and thereby, produce
the very same results as the branded nootropics.
If you are looking for a cognitive enhancer, or a medication that helps keep you awake during the
day, nootropics are your go-to option. Buying online is the most convenient and simplest way to get
these nootropics and offers a host of other benefits.

How Does Modafinil Work?
The nootropic modafinil is referred to as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (or an SSRI for
short). Medications of this type function to increase the amount of serotonin in the body to produce
their effects. Armodafinil is also an SSRI and works in the same way as modafinil.
Being an SSRI, these smart drugs work to inhibit the reuptake process of serotonin. The reuptake
process is basically the reabsorption of the hormone. If the medication blocks the reabsorption of
the hormones needed, if essentially allows for these substances to increase in quantity in the body.
And as a consequence, these hormones can work to produce their desired effects.
Serotonin, specifically, is responsible for creating a better mood. It makes you feel motivated and
satisfied, which are feelings that right before a workout session. This is why nootropics are
commonly used as pre-workout treatments.

In addition to serotonin, another hormone that nootropics are thought to effect (in the same
manner) is dopamine. When the levels of serotonin and dopamine increase in the system, you
typically feel more alert. This is the brain boosting property of modafinil and armodafinil, which is
useful when studying or preparing for an important day at work.
Moreover, these hormones are believed to affect the sleep-wake cycle. They affect the areas of the
brain that help keep you awake and can therefore, be used for the relief of narcolepsy and shift work
sleep disorder.

Are Nootropics Safe to Use?

One of the main concerns of all pharmaceuticals, not only nootropics, is their safety. People do not
want a medication that is going to disrupt their lives with over-bearing side effects or cause them to
become dependent or tolerant on the treatment. But the bottom line is, if you are taking any
pharmaceutical; you should use the medication exactly as directed and follow all the advice of the
manufacturer; you will reap the benefits of the treatment, with the lowest risk of adverse effects.
Modafinil is safe to use. This medication has been used by millions of people around the world and
are only becoming increasingly popular. With that said, you need to do your part to benefit from the
excellent safety profile of this nootropic. This means you should only take the amount of medication
you are advised to take and not use the treatment longer than you are meant to. In addition, you
should only use the nootropics for the right reasons. These are for its indicated medical purposes
and not for recreation. To buy modafinil safely online, place an order with us.

How Do I Use Nootropics?

Modafinil can be taken before or after eating. But although you can use this nootropic with or
without food, the types of foods you eat, right before taking these pills, can affect the onset of
action of the treatment. This is the time it takes for the medication to start working. Fatty foods
prolong the onset of action of modafinil and if eaten immediately for taking these tablets, will cause
the nootropic to take longer to take effect.
You may take a pill by swallowing the medication with a drink of water and not carbonated or sugary
beverages. Also, you should swallow the medication in whole form and not chew or crush the tablet
because you will affect the functioning of the nootropic and taste an unpleasant taste in the process.

Nootropics are easy to use and more simple steps can be read about in the patient information
leaflet. If these are adhered to, you will gain the most out of your treatment and receive all the
benefits nootropics have to offer.

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