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Remember when the iPhone was thrilling? Every new design and app was a celebration in and of itself? Copy-paste was an option to be lined up for? The days of copy-paste are over. Every year’s new combination of amazing

technology seems normal, and even expected. But that doesn’t mean that the magic is gone. It’s just more difficult to spot since it’s all over the place.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be available on Friday

and will retail for $650 and $770 , respectively. They’re among the most powerful, fastest and strongest iPhones that we’ve seen. 

They also suggest that, after nine years of the iPhone experiment we’re getting closer to a perfect idea of the smartphone, the device in its most minimalist form. It’s happening all over the world and, as you can see, not only in Cupertino.

 Many of the most bizarre thoughts about smartphones are actually just wild concepts regarding smartphones, which are the hardware and software that connect us and to each other via our phones. The smartphones themselves

there’s always smaller

, faster, more powerful and possibly curved screens but that’s all there is. That is, at least until the next material science breakthrough.

iPhone 7 iPhone 7 may look exactly like the iPhone has been for a long time but it performs better. Differently, too. It’s smoother as well as more open to third party apps and more in tune with the wider Apple ecosystem.

 Most importantly the phone is Apple’s acknowledgment that the way an iPhone appears is becoming less of the aspect. What is important is what the iPhone is able to do Custom shopping bags.

Like always, the new iPhone is an improved iPhone. Its brand new A10 Fusion processor is ludicrously amazingly fast, better than the last year’s (already insanely quick) A9. 

It’s a quad-core processor which has two

cores dedicated for doing simple tasks and another for more demanding ones. This means that even if you don’t game or stream high-res videos on your phone, then your battery life will be awe-inspiring.

 In the case of using an iPhone 7 for only simple things, I had greater than 24 hours use on the 7 and almost 48 hours from the iPhone 7 Plus. When I started on Riptide GP Renegade and streamed Halt and Catch Fire I needed to charge the device once during the day, or else be with no power by 9 pm. More

The screen of the 7 is brighter than the 6S’, but for the life of me, I don’t know the reason why you’d utilize your phone in the full brightness. The earpiece can now be used as an audio speaker, meaning you get some good stereo sound from the phone.

 It’s not fantastic or even great howeveR

it’s a lot superior to the 6S. The best thing in the specs page is the fact that internal storage of the iPhone 7 begins at 32GB and increases up to the 256GB. There will be no more “Storage Almost Full” messages as I try to take photos from my pup! It’ll take me a while to reach the destination.

The frame that is the basic design that is the iPhone 7 hasn’t changed a much from the slim rectangular piece of metal you’ve seen. There’s no change to the size of screen. 7 Plus still has a 5.5-inch screen, while the iPhone 7 Plus has a 4.7 in it’s predecessor, the iPhone 7. 

There are some subtle ways to distinguish the new iPhone from the previous model, such as the subtle antenna lines, and the sloping edges that surround the camera hump, which now appears to be a volcano instead of protruding like it was punched. 

The two new colors, jet black and black

also serve as unmistakably a sign. or, as I refer to the two new colors, I Already Scratched It Glossy Black and Amazing secret agent Matte Black.

Naturally, the most efficient method to determine which phone you’re using is to plug into headphones. If you can’t, congrats! You’ve found a brand new model. There’s nothing to say about the lack of the headphone jack , other

than that it’s not present and it can be a bit irritating at times. As when I’m riding the train and cannot recharge an external battery while listening to music simultaneously.

Apple’s answer to these complaints is the wireless $159 AirPods

However, your solution is likely to purchase a new unwieldy dongle that lets you connect the headphones that you wired in. This is another issue; every time I used the

small connecter at home, it could not utilize my headphones of choice. I’m a believer that wireless is the way to go however getting there is likely to be difficult and full of adapters.

After about a week, I’ve put down the effort of plugging

items into my phone’s headphone port. But I’m unable to, for the for the life of me, be accustomed to iPhone 7’s brand new home button. It’s no longer a button but a capacitive touch surface that utilizes tapping and haptic sounds to give feedback. 

It’s great for the long-term use of your phone as the home button is prone to break prior to anything else. It’s very cool on the iPhone that give a sense of authenticity to what’s on the screen by ringing once you get close to the end of

your list, or sounding like a machine gun

as you fire at the uninvolved enemy. When I try the button to lock my iPhone, my finger swishes as if it’s about to scratch the glass. It’s not like it destroys it, however I do miss the click.

In truth, though I’m happy to swap both the headphone jack and the home button for an water-resistant phone. (Not that I’d need to, but as Samsung and other manufacturers have demonstrated.) Being being able to use my phone while showering or,

at the very least, in the Toothbrushing Splash Radius

is amazing. And, even more importantly knowing that I have an IP67-certified iPhone 7 can handle a slight rainstorm or a splash of tequila provides great sense of security. It’s true that the iPhone 6S was already somewhat waterproof but this iPhone 7 is the real thing.

As of now, unless you have a history of bad behavior with toilets and phones or have a strong gothic streak, there’s nothing in the iPhone that will make any 6S owner swoon over the opportunity to upgrade. What Apple hopes will get you to the top of the pile is that you’re staring at on the side of iPhone 7 like a Wall-E robot, with its new and enhanced camera.

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