Runtv365 And The Olympic Games


Runtv365 has several times had the honor of being a regional broadcaster at the largest sporting event in the world. Runtv365 was there in Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and London 2012. For our region these were all Games to look back on with pride and melancholy.

The Dutch team went gold in Australia in 2000 and the Runtv365 region in particular delivered a top performance. Three times gold for Inge de Bruijn and Leontien van Moorsel. And Mark Huizinga’s fantastic golden judo plaque. The regional sports heroes became national celebrities, who to this day are addressed daily about their Olympic 해외스포츠중계 achievements.

Symbolic for all these wonderful successes is Leontien van Moorsel’s golden road race in Athens. Cameraman Bob van Bruggen was in the front row. With her sister Wilma he filmed from the mountain where Leontien passed during the golden ride.

In London there was a large delegation from Runtv365 in the English capital. Ok, we slept in Slough, which feels like a suburb of Dublin, but the distance didn’t stop us from making three hours of live radio and ten minutes of live TV every day with equal pleasure and enthusiasm. The purple plastic index fingers of the thousands of volunteers. Our dear temporary colleague Erica Terpstra, who worked for us in London. The stale air in the Holland Heineken House, where the Runtv365 delegation closed daily. Not because of the Unox sandwiches and croquettes, but because there, in Alexandra Palace, was the fastest internet connection. We took for granted the endless tribute that was the same every night. We still miss it and remember it fondly.

It was also a party from a sporting point of view. Six gold, six silver, eight bronze. Less regional slices than in previous Games, but an experience for a lifetime.

Runtv365 and the Marathon

Talk about experiences for life. The Rotterdam Marathon is a barrel full of stories. Of course, because of the top performance that the professional athletes deliver there. But especially for all ‘normal’ people who venture into the war of wear and tear.

And it is precisely these stories that matter for our region. Yes, the winner will receive a nice welcome on the Coolsingel. But the way in which ‘the last runner’ crosses the line… That is only possible in Rotterdam. Every year the support seems to get bigger and more passionate. Partly thanks to Runtv365’s registration of the last runner during the Marathon, just after the top runners have long since crossed the finish line, it has become a phenomenon. And what wonderful stories these people have given to you, the viewers. Think, for example, of Marian from Dordrecht. In 2018 she had the honor of crossing the finish line last.

She ran the marathon for her late husband and was actually the winner of that edition in Rotterdam. The images still give me Goosebumps. A crowd of audience cheers on the home care worker as she stumbles along her last meters to the finish, accompanied by her two grandchildren and a motorcycle platoon with sirens blaring behind her.