How Scheduling Pre Recorded Streams Benefits You


Streaming is now the most commonly talked about trend. People are gravitating towards streaming for all the right reasons. Though as easy as streaming may sound, it is actually a very hectic process. You need to figure out good lighting, smooth sound and suitable angles and many more things. But now that things have advanced in the streaming too.

There are platforms that allow you to pre record your stream and schedule it to go live at a future point. Scheduling pre-recorded videos allows you to take time for yourself and a break from regular streaming. Your audience would not miss out on a second of your content.

You will still be able to reach them without being physically present. Pre recorded streams benefits you in many ways, some of the benefits are,

Manage Your Environment

When you pre-record your stream, you have complete control over where and when you film.

You can adjust and change your lighting and record when you know there will be few distractions.

Giving you the ideal recording conditions. You can also plan your recording around your partner’s work schedule and your children’s school schedules to avoid interruptions or background noise.

A streamer recording her session

Stay Away From Technical Difficulties

The most common concern when hosting a live event is technical difficulties. Aside from the usual concern about slow internet connections, severe weather such as wind, rain.

And snow can have an impact on your power and broadband connectivity.

Assume you or a colleague is giving a presentation when the power or internet goes out due to a storm outside. Your audience misses out on important information and will most likely leave the event. If your live stream is interrupted, pre-recording your presentation provides a backup.

You can distribute the content to attendees right away to keep the momentum

Avoid Neighborhood Interruption

We have all been on live video calls where a child walks into frame, a dog barks, or someone starts mowing the lawn at your neighbor’s house.

While these interruptions can be ignored during a live stream, you want to be focused and your audience to be engaged when delivering a professional stream to a larger audience. When you pre-record your content, you can edit out any audio distractions or start over, resulting in a clean and professional final presentation.

Revision And Review

Recording all of your content ahead of time allows you to review and edit it before broadcasting it live. If you make a mistake or do not like how you delivered a section, you can edit it out or re-record it. You can also add graphics, audio, and video to your presentation to increase the production value and engagement.

Have Fun At The Live Event

The best part about pre-recording your content is that you can relax and enjoy your event. Event hosts are frequently so preoccupied with presenting that they fail to enjoy the event and the gathering of people.You can be an active participant in your event while your recorded presentation is playing. To provide a better experience, you can chat in real-time and answer any questions, allowing you to focus on networking with attendees rather than worrying about what might go wrong.

How Live Push Helps You To Pre Record The Streams

Through you can create your pre-recorded live streams and you can also schedule your live streams. Through live push your live stream also gets more and more views through multi streaming.

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Uses For Pre-Recorded Streaming

Let’s take a look at how live streamers can incorporate pre-recorded streaming into their video strategy.

Back view of a professional game streamer 

  1. Creating a fail-safe live stream

When streaming, if your upload speeds are inadequate, you may be frustrated by poor picture quality, dropped frames, or crackling audio. Don’t overlook the experience your viewers will have. This is where pre-recorded videos come in handy. You won’t have to worry about fluctuations in your Internet speed, which can cause your video to freeze and appear choppy.

  1. Producing more polished live videos

Making mistakes is natural, but many people don’t consider this when watching a live stream, especially if it is from a well-known brand. Pre-recorded live streams are your safety net if you’re creating corporate videos or any other video where you can’t afford to make mistakes.

  1. Increasing the relevance

There is not always enough time when going “live” to interact with viewers in real time. If you have a busy live stream, you might miss a few comments. This can leave viewers frustrated that their question was not answered.Pre-recorded live streams enable you to create precise and to-the-point content. Because comments cannot be displayed during the pre-recorded stream, you have more time to engage with viewers in the comments on the destinations you’re streaming to.As a result, the customer is more likely to stick with your videos in the long run.


If you want to avoid unpleasant situations during your live streaming session or you have a busy schedule ahead but do not want to miss your streaming streak. Then pre recorded streams are your live savior. And platforms like Livepush have made our lives a little easier by providing a platform that will look after your pre recorded streams. 


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