Start Out a New Journey With Customized kraft Boxes-6 Tips

kraft boxes

Making a customized kraft box is an excellent way to show your customers that you have taken the time to think about them before sending them their purchase. It also shows that you care about the products you are packaging and the customer who will be receiving them. This article focuses on helping you to get started if you would like to take your kraft boxes one step further and make your own customized boxes in-house. You will learn what tools you will need, how much it will cost, and tips for a successful first trial run.

1. What you Will Need for Your Kraft Boxes:

A kraft boxes cutter is a key device that will allow you to cut the kraft corrugated material to create custom boxes. It is an essential tool that will save you a lot of time when it comes to cutting corrugated material. 

A kraft box maker – This is the tool you will use to shape the kraft corrugated material into the custom shapes you desire. You can make your own using a corrugator and a roller, but there are plenty of kits that you can buy.

 Paper Trimmers  

These are ideal for cutting paper and kraft materials. They are lightweight and easy to store.


This is the most important tool you will need for kraft tooling. 


Boasting various cutting edges, scrapers are ideal for removing excess paper and cutting shapes out of kraft material.

2- Set a Budget Before Starting

If you have decided to make your own custom kraft paper box, you will need to budget for the materials. Once you calculate the cost, you can decide if it is worth it. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing the work if you find it frustrating or tedious. You can also choose to go for cheaper paper or kraft boxes that are already made. But if you have the time and the determination to make your boxes, it is worth it. You can also add to the cost of the materials by adding a logo stamp to the boxes. It will be a good way to increase the profit margin and make your custom boxes look more professional. Wrapping boards are expensive! Be aware of your suppliers.

Most custom equipment suppliers charge by the square foot. It means that if you order 32 square feet of boards, it will cost you around $120. If you make smaller boxes, you can order fewer boards and save money. The price of the boards can also change depending on the quality of the wood. If you are using poor quality wood, the boards will be too thin, so they will cost more than if you are using high-quality wood.

3. Learn the Power of Custom Designs

When you are starting a new journey with customized boxes made from kraft, it is essential to understand how to design a custom box. If you do not know the basics, you can easily get lost and end up with a pile of boxes that look uninspired and unprofessional. An excellent way to start is to look at other packaging designs in your industry and make notes about what you like and do not like. This will give you an idea of what other customers prefer. One more thing you can do is look at product packaging designs on sites like Canva and jot notes about what you like and do not like about them. Again, this will help you better understand what customers prefer and what they might want to see in their product packaging.

4. Do Not be Afraid to Ask for Help

No one is born with the talent to design beautiful kraft boxes wholesale. However, you can look online for inspiration and tutorials on how to design them. You can also contact your local printing company to ask them if they would be willing to sell you some of their designs. Some printing companies are happy to let you use their designs to increase sales. There are plenty of online communities where people share their designs and offer advice on improving yours. You can also join professional communities and forums where you can find like-minded people. These communities are excellent for getting feedback from more experienced people.

5. Where to Search for Free and Paid Templates

There are plenty of free templates that you can use for designing your custom kraft boxes. We can find these online, in crafting or design magazines or on Pinterest. You can also search for free brand logo templates and product packaging templates. Or even images that you can use for your design inspiration. If you are looking for paid designs, you can easily find them on Canva or Vecteezy. We pay for these designs that you can download for free.

6. Get an Estimate Before Adding Customization to your Kraft Boxes

While the kraft box cutter and maker are the key equipment, you will need. You will also need to order wrapping boards, wrapping film, and string. This is because these are the materials used to make a kraft box. It is a good idea to order these materials before you start. So that you know that you are not missing any deliveries, the cost of these materials will depend on the size and shape of the boxes you end up making. You can use the templates you created earlier to estimate how much these materials will cost.

Wrapping Film is cheap – make sure your supplier charges what they say. Just be careful.

Various wrapping films have different thicknesses, so it is important to order the right one for your custom kraft packs. We can purchase wrapping film in sheets with 17, 25, and 100 feet widths. The Film with the 17-foot width is the most expensive, and we use them for sealing the custom boxes. It is important to make sure that you order the correct width for your custom packs. They can also purchase wrapping film in rolls that have varying widths. Again, it is important to make sure that you purchase the right width. A film that is too wide will be too thick to use for your end pursuit.

Final Words

Starting a new business with boxes that you make yourself is a good but hectic thing. Therefore, the chances are low that you will have time to continue your customization venture. However, once your business sets off on a successful highway, You now know how you can properly set out on this pursuit. Still, we will advise you to get professional and carefully selected vendor services to make your custom kraft boxes.


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