The provisions for the safety and protection of participants and third parties;


An insurance certificate taken out by the organizer which thus covers his civil. Liability that of the participants and that of any. Person taking part in the organization;
The opinion of the delegated 무료스포츠중계 federation. Concerned or proof of sending the request for an opinion;
Depending on the context, an assessment of the impact of the event on Nature 2000 sites
To the prefect of each department crossed (prefect of police in Paris). If the event takes place in less than twenty departments;
To the prefects of the department and to the Minister of the interior. If it takes place in at least twenty departments Ministry of the Interior. Directorate for Modernization and Territorial Action Sub-Directorate for Traffic and Road Safety. Bureau road safety and regulations – Place Beauvais – 75800 PARIS Codex 08.
The file must sent at least 3 months before the date of the event if it takes. Place in several departments and at least 2 months before if it takes place in a single department.
You incur criminal penalties if you organize the event without declaration or authorization.

If it is a sports event without final classification of participants

You must compile a request for temporary occupation of the public space. And declare the event using the form cerfa 13447 03, if this one:
Sets assembly and checkpoints for participants;
projects the grouped traffic, at a determined point of the public road, of at least 75 pedestrians. 50 cycles or other non-motorized vehicles, 25 horses or other animals;

Does not provide for a fixed schedule or classification of participants

You complete the form with the identity and contact details of the organizers. The type of event planned (equestrian or pedestrian event). The place of the organization the dates and times, the largest. Number of participants, an estimate of the number of spectators expected. And the number of accompanying vehicles.
You enclose the organizational methods, the program and the rules of the event. The measures taken for the safety of the participants and third parties. A certificate of insurance policy taken out by the organizer, the map of the routes taken. The assembly or control points, if the itinerary is impose on the participants.
You send the file to the prefect of the department (prefect of police in Paris). If the event takes place in one department and to the prefect of each department. Crossed if the event takes place in several departments.
The file must sent no later than one month before the date of the event. And the insurance certificate can be present six clear days at the latest.
You incur criminal penalties if you organize the event without declaration or authorisation.

You are preparing an event in a sports arena

Does the enclosure have to be approve?
The Sports Code regulates sports venues intended to host sports events. Open to the public besides to the provisions applicable. To any establishment open to the public (ERP). When the event welcomes more than 500 spectators seated in indoor sports. Equipment or more than 3,000 spectators in outdoor sports equipment. The equipment must be approve as a sports arena .
It is up to the owner to request the approval of the sports enclosure. Approval is pronounce by the prefect of the department after consulting. The departmental advisory commission for safety and accessibility. This procedure certifies that the provisions the solidity. Of the structures the safety of people and the intervention of the emergency. Services have indeed been take before the opening to the public.

You must check that the sports arena hosting the event

Is either approved or complies with the standards in force. When the number of participants exceeds 1,500 people. You must make a declaration to the mayor at least two months in advance. If the event includes specific facilities and installations. Or if it welcomes the public in places or premises. Not provided for this purpose or in unusual conditions. You must request authorization from the departmental advisory commission for safety and accessibility. Here too, a period of 2 months.
You organize a for-profit sporting event of more than 5,000 people at a site
Profit-making implies the search for profits (sale of tickets, television broadcasting rights).


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