The Sony Xperia XZ4 makes me optimistic about Sony’s future again


This is going to be an emotional one to write

Remember Sony? No, not as the company that manufactured the oldie digital cameras. And no, not the company that brought the PlayStation into our lives and revolutionized gaming. I’m talking about the company that made smartphones.

I’ll forgive you if you don’t remember Sony’s smartphone section. Unfortunately, smartphone sales for the company have been evidently declining in the last couple of years. Sales came down to per quarter, and every strategy planned out was seemingly failing.

Sony, very evidently, is no longer

the tech giant it once was and is now surviving on the fumes from its PlayStation, Camera departments and other Consumer tech sections.The current smartphone market is brutal where even biggies like Apple and Samsung are clearly struggling. activate assurance wireless phone

The thing is, the consumer has too many options to choose from right now. Want something affordable and yet premium? Get a OnePlus. Want a great camera? Check out the Google Pixel. Want a fancy design? Have a look at the Samsung S-series.

Sony phones, on the other hand,

were neither a specialist nor a generalist. There practically existed no reason to get a Sony flagship costing INR 60K-75K in the sea of competitive and compelling flagships.

As a person who’s followed Sony’s development over the past couple of years, even I find it difficult to understand their lineup and the differences (if any) between a new flagship and its predecessor.Sony was one of the first ones to adopt a bi-annual product refresh cycle, but those seemed like forced updates with no legit upgrades.

Not just that, each of their phones

looked pretty identical, in terms of design. Everything from a budget phone to their topmost flagship had the same sharp glass sandwich-form factor. If I buy an expensive phone, I want it to bring in a ‘prestige’ feeling with that.

The only real edge a Sony flagship had was that they were excellent water-proof phones. Another Achilles heel for Sony is their mid-range segment, or rather the lack of it. For most other smartphone makers, the success of one department can usually help digest the failure of another.

But when it comes to smartphones,

even their cheaper phones are no good. This one-sided approach can prove to be deadly for them for dynamic markets like India and China where the budget segment is on fire right now. More

The biggest (literally) change comes with the display, as the Sony Xperia XZ4 is rumoured to include an ultrawide 6.5-inch QHD+ OLED display. Translation in layman words– The phone will have the widest aspect ratio of any smartphone ever at 21:9, with a crazy pixel resolution of 3360×1440, while outputting perfect blacks and vibrant colours.

It’s likely to support HDR10 as well

for a much punchier rendition of the image with more contrast making this a content consumption powerhouse. Have a look at this example to understand how much more screen real-estate you get to use for viewing.

nother high point, though not entirely confirmed, is the presence of a triple camera-array with the primary shooter coming in at 52-megapixel with an ultra-quick f1.6 lens. The camera should work similarly to the Honor View 20, where 4 pixels combine to make a super pixel for resultant 13-megapixel images which offer better low light performance.

That will be supported by another 16-megapixel

telephoto lens and a third 3D depth sensing ToF camera.Sony flagship cameras have always been great but have paled in comparison to the offerings from Samsung, Google and other competitors. That is ironical because pretty much every other company in the market uses cameras built by Sony.

I guess it’s the image processing that Sony needs to figure out to get back in the game. And if those weren’t enough, this phone is said to be packed to the brim with other high-end specifications such as a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and a beefy 4,400 mAh battery.

If the rumours are true

, this will make the Sony Xperia XZ4, one of the first smartphones to be powered by Qualcomm’s latest chipset. Preliminary case designs suggest that the fingerprint scanner will be housed in the side-mounted power button, and there should be a dedicated camera shortcut key as well.

If you still haven’t given up, you will be glad to know that the endangered headphone jack is still around. And if you really hate current smartphone design trends, the absence of a notch or any punch-hole on the top edge of the display will definitely delight you.

If you didn’t get my drift till now, I am really excited about this phone for how courageous it is, even when this could be one of their last years of making smartphones before throwing in the towel. (I write this with grieving pain).

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